Steam Summer Sale 2018

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    Anything look good to you guys?

    You can get a Steam Link for $2.50 + shipping. That's so cheap it's compelling. I just have no idea what I'd do with it. I already have PCs hooked up to my TVs.
  2. Honestly there is no reason not to get it. You can't even get food that cheap anymore.
  3. Im looking at Bridge Constructor Portal and Thimbleweed Park.
  4. honestly, i'll probably just play some console ports on it at best. like some real cheapy games. not even sure why i'm getting this thing. i have a surfacebook that i can just hook up to the tv and play the games at 4k rather than 1080p on the steam link.
  5. Should I get the Division for $10?
  6. There is a 6-hour free trial available if you want to try it first.
  7. If you get The Division, definitely pick up the second expansion, Survival. It's $3 on the UPlay store right now. That mode was awesome.
  8. Are people still playing The Division? I picked it up a couple of months after launch and it seemed like it was a ghost town.
  9. Much less than they used to, but more are on near global events and updates. They just showed Division 2 gameplay at E3, so it's obvious they aren't going to be doing nearly as much with the original game.
  10. The game is getting the golden treatment much like r6 seige did. I don't know if you've been following Ubi's new business model in the last 2 years but they're basically the model other big publishers need to be moving to. Ubi has been moving to lengthier support time for titles rather than cutting off development of further game content in favor of pushing out a new title.

    The Division dev teams basically went back and redid endgame game mechanics and added more game content (even opened up a new section of the map). A majority of the new game content was free too. This brought back a ton of players.

    Basically, Ubi is moving away from paid dlc as they found out that this cuts off a lot of their playerbase from each other. Say only 20% of your playerbase bought the dlc, so in the end, you're only developing new content for 20% of your playerbase. This doesn't encourage anymore additional sales to your base title. R6 siege paid dlc is only needed if you want to get operators early and without needing to earn them in-game. It's why the game is still crazy popular now and it's almost 3yrs old. For Honor and Ghost Recon Wildlands have gotten a bunch of free content too. And they're still making content for these games.

    The devs for The Division 2 already stated that there is no planned paid dlc for the game and they have already planned free content for the first year of the game.
  11. I've noticed Ubisoft has done this with Division and Siege in particular. Some of their games start off a mess but are almost completely rebuilt over time. When I think of the concept of "day 1 patch," Ubisoft is the first name to come to mind for releasing unfinished games, but on the other hand they've provided a level of support probably only surpassed by Digital Extreme's Warframe, which has been changed so much there are practically a couple of sequels built into all the updates.
  12. I'm not that far from you. $1272
  13. $1,120.01

    I buy a lot of stuff from grey market cd key sites (cdkeys, GMG, etc), which is probably why it's a little low.
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    I bought:

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War
    Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition
    The Evil Within 1 and 2
    A Steam Link

    The Evil Within games have mixed reviews, but I've been craving horror games lately. I guess I'll report back on how they are.
  15. The Evil Within's are both brilliant. The true successors to Resident Evil 4. Second one is the better game though.
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    Do I need to play the first one before I play the second?

    The consensus seems to be that #2 is a much better game.
  17. Yes at some story things in the second you will only know about from the first. 1 is still a good game so I would play both.