Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple

Discussion in 'Technology' started by cmdrmonkey, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Not surprising. The guy survived pancreatic cancer and has looked like death for years. So what will Apple fanbois do now without their glorious leader? I can't believe this bodes well for Apple in the long run. Things were looking very dire for the company before he came back.

    I'll give him credit where credit is due. He took PT Barnum's "there's a sucker born every minute" to heart, and was very effective through clever marketing at selling massively overpriced, often gimmicky computers and electronics to hipsters and moronic Joe six pack types who don't know any better.
  2. Well the guy is/was brilliant. I'd been expecting that he would step down soon and now it's happened. I wonder what we can expect now that the friendly face of Apple is gone.
  3. Agreed. He was one of the most successful con men in history. The dude could sell shit to a sewage factory.
  4. Seeing as it was Jobs that was so against Flash I wonder if this might pave the way for it to come to the iPhone/iPad?
  5. I hope this makes Apple products more flexible, it always seemed that Jobs was the stubborn force behind excluding features and functions from Apple's devices.
  6. If he dies, he'll obviously become a martyr. Someday to return, giving out iPhone 8's to all who believed in him, for just $699.