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  1. As the interest yields of most bank accounts dry up, I assume that most of you have looked into, or in the process of investing.

    I went into ARM in 2010 after Ip4 launch and sold just before their acquisition by soft bank and made a nice windfall. I bought some nvidia too, and even after multiple friends saying I should sell when they hit $20 I held strong and now this is doing really well :)

    I am changing my strategy to invest in companies that are class leaders in robotics. The companies around that field seem to be doing well for the time being.

    I wanted to see what other areas people are investing into. I am quite tempted by a number of US companies. Are you guys contemplating any new industries?
  2. I invest in funds. No idea what companies are inside of them but the fund categories are based on bonds, small, medium, large, and international companies. Each one has their risk and benefits.
  3. Yeah in the UK we get a tax free investment allowance of £20K a year and for those I have a mix of adventurous and very safe funds. However beyond that I do try and see if I can make a good spot. As long as it isn't a shady mine in the Ukraine you'll be fine these days as long as you hold for a while.
  4. BOTZ and ROBO track that industry. I think you've missed the boat if you're not in already. Given the job loss and political climate all eyes are on Tesla 3 in 2018. It will either blow up the industry (which is priced in) or set it back a decade. So you're really buying into the downside now, imo.

    *im wrong about this stuff a lot.
  5. you need to invest in a car
  6. ^ depreciating asset. khaid's portfolio going to zero!

    my lease backfired hard when my job transferred me outside my mileage range lol
  7. Not sure whether to increase my holdings in Nvidia.. seems to be doing really well lately.
  8. Here is my worthless two cents. Nvidia will someday be bigger than Intel. It may not happen anytime soon, but eventually, it will happen.
  9. I got a nice 10% in my ROBO stocks thanks to some nice earnings reports. I went in for some Micron Tech, didn't realise how big they are. On an earnings call earlier.. they are producing all the G5X for Nvidia and have an interesting pipeline!