Super Mario 3DS

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. It was obvious one would be made for it. I just hope they ditch the style of the new Super Mario mold as I did not like that. Anyway, ideas on new ideas, story, gimmicks etc?
  2. The new 3DS Mario game has been officially announced now, but as of yet there is no real title or screenshots or a trailer.

    Return of the Tanooki( Raccoon) suit. yes please. Though I still prefer the Cape.
  3. Me confused. Are they making a mario game where you can move mario about in 3 dimensions or is it a 2-D mario game being developed using current 3-D tech? The definition of the term 3-D seems to be in a bit of limbo nowadays.
  4. Good question! It will depend on the hardware, but if Mario 64 could be done on the Nintendo DS then I would guess it will be a proper 3D game using the Mario 64 style. We had 3D sprites in the DS game, so hopefully that was the last for a while.
  5. I take back one of my earlier statements. There are actually screenshots out for this game and it shows that this game will be in the style of Mario 64.


    Give that a link a click and read about the screenshots. This statement had the most impact for me:

    If that is the case. This game will be awesome!
  6. So I'm guessing this game will be 3-D in both senses of the word. A 3-D plane to move the character about in and 3-D visuals that appear to jump out at you. True 3-D if you will.
  7. I guess it is. In any case, this game looks really good. It goes to show we will get some nice graphics from the 3DS.