T-Mobile/MetroPCS US deal

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  1. it's been no secret that DT has been trying to get rid of tmobile in the US. although the att attempts failed, it looks like they gained some spectrum in several markets due to that failure and now metro PCS can get in bed with them. This works well for tmobile as metro pcs is ahead of them in the LTE rollout.


    not sure how they'll deal with the cdma and gsm situation though
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    Seems like a folly. They really have nothing to gain since they will invariably have to support 2 types of networks, or do a costly shutdown of one or the other. Sprint is wasting billions on its failed Nextel merger and has to deal with CDMA and iDEN. That money could've been better spent on LTE towers.
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    Sprint actually has a reasonable plan with their iden spectrum. They'll use it for their LTE Advanced rollout in 2014.

    We'll have to see what this Tmobile/MetroPCS plan will be.
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    I wouldn't want to be a T-Mobile customer right now. One way or another, they're going to merge with some other company.
  5. I'm pretty sure tmobile merged with orange not too long ago over here.
  6. They became part of Everything Everywhere which owns both Orange and T-Mobile but is now launching its own service under the EE in the coming weeks for 4G plans.

    I assume that if you can't get 4G you will drop onto either the T-Mobile or Orange 3G/2G networks. That is one advantage to being on Orange or T-Mobile, it moves to the other service if your network becomes unavailable.

    Would never go with Orange as I don't think they include VAT in their headline prices meaning it surprises you when you get a bill.
  7. All this talk of 4G kind of worries me because there's still a huge amount of areas that are still without 3G. I'm concerned 4G will only be limited to the big cities. a friend of mine lives in Burford and he can't get 3G anywhere within a 6 mile radius of his house.
  8. That's how it is in the US too. But this is how it's going to be for a very long time. The nature of building out infrastructure is to cover as much of the population as possible. So if you're living in a low population density area, you can be expected to be left out of the high speed data coverage area. It costs alot of money to build and maintain a tower.

    The long term plan for LTE (4G) is to eventually have it support both data and voice so you'll see hspa (3G) expansion slow down majorly or even stop entirely over there in the UK within the next year on carriers transitioning to LTE.
  9. Just the big places for now but it should roll out to others places before long with the other carries following. I reckon it will be about a year until we see good coverage which is about when 3 plan to go live with 4G I thinks.
  10. Isn't 3g still spotty in places? It seemed to take an age for it to get decent coverage
  11. EE is launching its 4G LTE service on October 30th and say they will have coverage to 98% of the population by 2014.
  12. Everyone always leaves Oxford out of things like this. There got Hull for Pete's sake.
  13. I don't believe that.
  14. Isn't it obvious why Hull was chosen first? Who the fuck would even want to go to Oxford? Its not really suited to tourism in any way, its a concrete jungle and the people are all scumbags. The murder rate is also sky high, I have seen those documentaries on the TV, think they were called things like Morse and Lewis.

    Hull on the other hand.........

    No money in having 4G in Oxford for at least the next 20 years.
  15. so it's like Detroit than huh??