Tablets are a Fad

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  1. I see them fading away just like netbooks or PDAs. People are only buying the ipad because it's an Apple product, and you'll always have hipsters and morons willing to buy their crap. Just look at how badly ipad competitors like the Xoom have flopped. Even the ipad 2 didn't do that well. Its launch was a fart in the wind.

    I think the problem is that they don't do anything particularly well. They aren't portable like a smartphone. And they aren't powerful like a laptop or desktop. They're also majorly overpriced. Who's going to shell out $800 for one of these things when you can get an i5 or i7 based laptop for that much?
  2. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    I always wanted a digital picture frame with eyes that move like in scooby doo xD
  3. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    I can see the appeal depending oh how you use them. This iPad has been a big improvement for browsing and fun stuff compared to our laptop. The speed, interface and App Store all are advantages too. My PC is just used for work, downloading and games now; I doubt I'll use my laptop for anything much again.
  4. Are Tablets Just a Fad?


    Install Win 7 on your laptop, and most of your issues will vanish. Vista was a shitty OS.
  5. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    Yeah, might give that a go some time - got nothing to lose really. Be interested to see the difference.
  6. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    They will have more appeal when they are as powerful as a PC and can be used in a docking station. They may even have a port for an external video card. I think that’s about 5 years away.
  7. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    The main problem with tablets is the price. Netbooks cost less than notebooks. Tablets should cost less than netbooks, but they cost more than notebooks.

    Notebook = $350+
    Netbook = $230-350
    Tablet = $400+ (should be $120-230)

    If we adjust to the Apple scale, with mini notebooks starting at $1000, then tablet prices make perfect sense.

    Notebook for Brainwashed Sheep (MacBook 15") = $1800+
    Netbook for Brainwashed Sheep (MacBook 11") = $1000+
    Tablet for Brainwashed Sheep (iPad) = $500+

    The morons making Android tablets have copied Apple's pricing.
  8. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    I see some small progress here. Previously, the iPad was doomed to collect dust at the back of the Apple store since tablets were already proven failures with consumers. Now it's progressed into a temporary consumer "fad", despite not doing anything well.
  9. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    Also to note that Google is partly to blame too. They knowingly released it unfinished (they admitted this too). It took until just now (android 3.2) for micro-sd card support.. even though the tablets launched with micro-sd slots. A big wtf
  10. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    I know what you mean. The ipad sucks at pretty much everything.
  11. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    I enjoy using the ipad as it's new and fun to use, it's great for browsing but I have a laptop so there's absolutely no reason for me to get one. I think monkey said it best when he said they're a solution to a problem that never existed.
  12. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    They offer a better experience in certain areas. Not everything has to solve a problem to exist and be desirable.
  13. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    I'm not saying they're useless. I wouldn't mind one myself but I have a laptop so there's no point.
  14. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    I have a laptop too. I bought one. I bought it because it's better in some regards so there it's not been a pointless thing for me at all.
  15. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    The niche it has suppsedly carved out for itself is something called "Couch Computing"; where you want te get online but want something bigger than a smartphone but smaller than a laptop/netbook.

    So essentially it's a tool for surfing the internet and pretty much that's all it's getting used for by the majority of people who have one.
  16. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    So when does the "fad" for tablets end? Next year? 2050? When does the consumer wake up and realize that they would really rather have something with a lot of ports and slots and docks in order to do all that fancy computing stuff?
  17. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    That is exactly the use I see for one... and I still want one... but for only sub- $200.
  18. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    $199 - $299 7" Dell Streak,13534323945,901pdb6671
  19. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    $250 can also get you a nook color to root
  20. Are Tablets Just a Fad?

    I'd give it a little under a year. The Wii fad lasted about two years (2007-2008). Same thing with the netbook fad (2008-2009).

    They suck even for couch computing. You have to sit there and physically hold the screen up. It's straining on the neck and arms. I had neck strain just trying to use one in the Apple store. Notebooks have hinges that hold the screen up for a reason.