Taco Bell, Not so beefy

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  1. Taco bell is being sued for false advertising.

    The USDA says a product labeled as beef must have at least 70% beef. According to the law suits Taco Bells "beef" has less than 35% beef.

    One of the people suing claimed that the meat didn't even qualify for title of "taco meat filling" which has a lower standard.

    I'm not sure if I care. Their tacos are darn tasty.

  2. I can't image this is a surprise to anyone. All I have to say is that the 35% beef is DELICIOUS!
  3. Oh my I'd hit that 35% beef.

  4. i haven't eaten taco bell in 11 yrs. it also disgusts me when my friends say they have a craving for taco bell.

    this lawsuit makes me happy.
  5. I stopped eating there a few years ago when I bit into a taco and it was full of bone and/or tooth fragments. It was the wrong kind of crunch, and one of the most disgusting things I've tasted.

    That and I think I'd had enough of the volcano of molten lava that would spew out of my ass every time I ate there.

    Also, bleh, 35% beef and the rest is filler? Is low grade ground beef even that expensive? Cheap bastards.
  6. if i have any type of texmex craving, i just swing by chipotle. real food for real dudes.. i just made that up on the spot
  7. Chipotle is cool since they support local farms and organic ingredients. I end up at Qdoba a lot more though. Their breakfast burritos are the bomb.
  8. Chipotle is pretty good. I like their burritos. While I think most restaurants need to cut down their menus quite a bit, if anything I think Chipotle's menu is too simple.

    Not sure where South Park got the whole bloody underwear thing. I've had bloody underwear after eating Taco Bell, but never Chipotle.
  9. OMG! :eek:

    You should have sued.
  10. Yea its the USA afterall :D