Terrorist attack UK Ariana Grande concert

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    Gee I wonder what religion the attackers belonged to, Probably those damn Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses again.

    Can we stop fucking around and take off the kid gloves in dealing with ISIS?
  3. Never because the world is too PC.

  4. Fatalities are up to 22 now. This video picked up the sound of blast... it sounds like normal concert noise. People 30 feet away didn't even realize they were in danger..

  5. Victims are mostly a bunch of little kids and their parents. In what will come as a surprise to no one, ISIS has claimed responsibility.
  6. Seems like a lot of the warning signs were there. But I guess without actually committing a crime, there is nothing LE can do. This dipshit was born in the UK... but "had difficulties adjusting to European lifestyle".

    There article also details how US intel sold out the UK and leaked investigative details to the failing NY Times:eek: