The Avengers

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  1. The Avengers movie is out next year; for people who live under a rock this is the Marvel Superhero movie with Thor, Cpt America, Iron Man and Hulk in it. There's a small teaser gone up for it which is here:

    However if you're prepared to watch a bootleg, (i think its from comiccon), then you can catch that here...bear in mind though that this link probably wont last long..

    Fubar over. New thread...christ knows what was going on there.
  2. Maybe there will be some new footage out from San Diego Comic Con later this week.
  3. I'm hoping an official version of that comic-con bootleg comes out. I would love to see that trailer in all its glory. This is a really ambitious movie; I really hope they can pull it off.
  4. You think they will be using the solo Thor and Captain America film star actors?
  5. Yep, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are both in it.
  6. I'm not expecting much. Every superhero movie I've seen that had multiple super heros/villains has sucked balls. Case in point, Batman and Robin.
  7. New trailer for The Avengers has been released. You get a glimpse of Loki and hear his voice, so it sound like he's the main villain, although they seem to be keeping the nature of the conflict that the Avengers have to face under wraps. Most of the focus in this one seems to be on Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr., and they have a short little teaser for Hulk right at the end.

  8. I don't know how to feel about an ever changing hulk actor yet. They can just get rid of the actor at this point and leave hulk in his form throughout the entire movie.
  9. Superbowl Teaser - looks pretty spiffing.
  10. New trailer...with a rather bad a** sequence of Hulk rescuing Iron Man mid-air starting at 1:38, among other things.
  11. That trailer gave me an enormous boner. What's not to like. Iron Man vs Thor vs Cap and then Hulk rescuing iron man from the sky? OMFG!! This year is going to be an immense movie year...IMMENSE I TELL YOU!
  12. Forget the boner, i blew my load when hulk caught iron man in mid-air.
  13. The wig on the that's 70's girl is even worse than the fat suite that was on J. Edgar! Seriously who is she supposed to be anyway? Black Cat? No... Shadowcat? No.... Sable?? I'm gonna say Black Cat but it's been years and I was never too into Avengers.
  14. Nice :O wrong twice... Bleem me, Bleem me in the bleemin bum.

    trailer with HD quality option if you so desire.
  16. Someone took footage from Marvel's old '60s cartoons and did a shot-for-shot mashup of the latest Avengers trailer, and it works better than you could possibly imagine!
  17. Avengers has apparently set the new all-time record for U.S. box office openings at $200 million.
  18. But I thought piracy was killing the movie industry?

    Just goes to show you that people will still flock to the theaters in huge numbers when you make a movie that doesn't suck.
  19. 1. Lol'd for truth.
    2. People will still flock to see shit films though, Twighlight springs to mind.
  20. But I thought piracy was a moral protest against high prices, low quality, and corporate greed? Is Disney not a corporation anymore? Did the studios lower the price for the Avengers? Will Avengers not be pirated because it's high quality?