The Best Games That No One Played

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  1. This thread is for great games that did well with critics but failed commercially and were largely ignored by gamers. I'll start by listing a few:

    Beyond Good and Evil
    Freespace 2
    System Shock 2
    No One Lives Forever
    The Longest Journey
    Eternal Darkness

    The average Joe types seem to be too busy playing dog shit Madden and Call of Duty games to notice these kinds of gems, and it's a real shame.
  2. I hope they're serious. Freespace 2 was one of the best games ever made.
  3. ICO
    Shadow of the Colossus
    Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
    God Hand
    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
  4. Both of the Shenmues.
  5. Pokeyshot
    Faselei! (or Front Mission, I'll take a PC or portable Front Mission... BUT NOT LIKE THE BLEEMIN CRAP THEY GOT NOW! bring it back to tactical strategy :/)
    Koudelka/ Shadow Hearts series
    American McGee's Alice
  6. Shadow Hearts was an awesome game. Covenant was nearly as good too. I have yet to play the third, but it does not have Yuri in s I don't know. Shadow Hearts was amazing though, I wish there was another game just like that. Covenant, although the sequel did not have the same feel as the original Shadow hearts.
  7. Drakan - Tomb raider style game in medieval setting where you fly around on a dragon. Nice maps to explore and combat was pretty decent; especially fun flaming people with your dragon.

    Imperium Galactica II - Space colonization sim with a lot of focus on actually going down to planets, terraforming them and building colonies. You then had to defend these colonies from invaders both in space and on your planets if they managed to drop units onto their surface.

    Knights and Merchants - Medieval RTS, the battle side of the game may have been poorly balanced and the AI pretty bad, but the town building is still unrivaled by today's RTS's. I'm just a sucker for town building I guess.
  8. Not sure how popular it was really, but Rise of The Triad was an amazing game that got brushed in between Doom 2 and Duke 3D.

    It was originally meant to be an expansion/sequel for Wolfenstein 3D and actually uses an updated version of the engine. The graphics are very good for 1995, just a little repetitive. The gameplay is funny as hell and ultra gory just for the sake of it.
  9. I remember it having over the top gore and enemies that begged for mercy after they were shot.
  10. Guardian Heroes
    Panzer Dragoon Saga
    Laser Squad
    Lords of Chaos
    Body Harvest
    Saturn Bomberman
    Gauntlet IV
    Magic and Mayhem
  11. Okami.

    It's in my top 10 but from what I've read, the sales are terrible. Another story is that the game actually does look terrible when viewing on 42' LCD. Luckily I've played in first on 21' crt tv but since then I find it difficult to launch the game and do not feel disgusted. I would give much for a refreshed Ps3+Move HD version.
  12. The Longest Journey
    Dreamfall:The Longest Journey
    Plants Vs Zombies: I know this game was huge for casual gamers but most serious gamers missed it.
    The Witcher
  13. I hear it is a bit like Zelda. Is there any truth in that statement?

    Hybrid Heaven:

    A Action RPG/Platformer on the N64. Not the greatest graphics ever, but the battle system featured using lots of wrestling moves. That is win just for that.
  14. Well, if you haven't played Okami then yes, you've missed one of the greatest Zelda-style adventures. Some even say that it's better than Zelda although it's just slightly different.

    The mechanics are similar, you explore vast area, unlock new abilities which help you to advance, from time to time you solve puzzles and fight bosses.

    What makes Okami unique are all the references to the Japanese culture and the FABULOUS soundtrack.

    Three examples. First, a Zelda style track

    Then something slower but still not-so-Japanese

    And then something strongly japanese

  15. More than a bit, but it has it's own unique style. Okami is actually an enormous game that was quite fun throughout. It is the only game in this genre that I would put on par with some of the best Zelda games. I think it's easily Clover's best game, and anyone who knows my tastes knows I'm quite fond of Clover/ Platinum.