The Bourne Legacy

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  1. OK so when I heard about this a while ago I was thinking to myself, "a Bourne movie without Matt Damon? Really?". And that was pretty much what I thought up to about 10 minutes ago when I saw the teaser for The Bourne Legacy...

    I got to say I think that, for a teaser, looks cool. It's not about Bourne but it's set in the same Universe and about the Treadstone Program. I also think Jeremy Renner is actually a good fit for a role like this. Apparently if it's succesful they're going to make another one and Damon WILL come back for it so you'll get TWO super agents for the price of one.

    What do you think?

    Also, out of the three original Bourne films, which is your favourite? Mines the Bourne Identity
  2. Definitely bourne identity. That movie totally caught me off guard on how good it was. The rest of the 2 were good, but the first one takes the cake on pacing and action.
  3. Bourne Identity > Supremacy > Ultimatum

    As for this film, it is the first time I heard about it. It looks pretty interesting from the trailer. It feels weird without Jason Bourne though, but I guess that will change once I watch it.
  4. all of them simply blew my mind... in a bad way. I assume I spent the most time trying to figure out the first one... so I might call that one my 'favorite'. The other two I can't even begin to describe.
  5. I thought I would see Bourne's son in this trailer.

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