The Green Inferno (Eli Roth horror)

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  1. Any old horror movie fans here? I had no idea about this movie.. but basically eli roth and some crew decided to do a modern version of those late 70's/early 80's cannibal films.

    Basically the title, The Green Inferno, was the working title of Cannibal Holocaust. It was also the title of the movie within a movie in the film. I haven't watched any of Roth's film since Cabin Fever so I have no idea if this will even be decent.
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  3. Might be a niche pet peeve of mine, but these type of movies usually kills off the person who should live (based on making the most correct decisions). While the biggest idiot of the group usually lucks their way to survival.

    It's why I found You're Next surprisingly refreshing. The smartest, most well prepared person actually survives.
  4. I liked you're next too, all the better for it not being spoiled though - knew nothing going into it.
  5. IIRC, in Cannibal Holocaust, the entire documentary crew dies. That was one of the movies that inspired the whole found footage genre. Basically, the plot in the original was a rescue team sent to find a missing documentary team finds their recordings. Upon viewing the footage, we see their fate. I wouldn't be surprised if Roth kills everyone in this movie too.
  6. I always see Cannibal Holocaust pop up in the most disturbing movies of all time lists.
  7. ya it got banned from alot of countries and the director with charged with animal cruelty since there was real animal slayings in the movie.
  8. Should have mentioned in my last post, that it was just my read from the trailer...

    Something like ginger chick or voice over dude is the worry wart / should be the protagonist. But will end up dead due to other peoples dipshitery. The village will flood and dumbass main girl will conveniently wash ashore at a UNICEF camp.

    I might watch this to see how close I am.