The Hunger Games

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  1. 3rd biggest opening weekend ever.

  2. What is it with all these books being made into films? I'd never heard of The Hunger Games until the film, I'd never heard of Twilight until the film, and yes, I'd never heard of Harry Potter until the first one came out. The trailer made the hunger games look shit so I won't be rushing out to see this, especially since it's aimed at 13 year old girls as all of these really popular recent franchises seem to be.
  3. You need to read more books. Harry potter was huge from the third book onwards. Did you not watch the news either? Every subsequent book launch was always in the news.
  4. I think the Harry Potter book launches were bigger than the movies.

    I thought so too. It looked really cheap. The production cost was $80 million which I guess is high for a non-CGI film.
  5. This actually has good reviews (85% on RT) but the trailer looked like poo.
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    what are you doing with your life man

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  7. Is this film basically a teen version of battle royale?
  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stephen King are hipsters. They liked such plots before they were cool.

    The Running Man

  9. The Running Man is awesome. This movie looks lame.
  10. The Most Dangerous Game


    Logan's Run

  11. I bet armadeadn doesn't know about any of these we listed.
  12. Books must be a strange and foreign land to him.
  13. I thought this was some movie version of the biggest loser.
  14. You might be better of thinking that. It's an ok rent though. I'd not seen Battle Royal but I thought it had it's ups and downs. Just nothing you wanna be locked in a room with strangers for I'd wager.
  15. Speaking of The Running Man, this needs to be an actual TV show.

  16. I do actually. I just don't read books. I don't have time for it, too busy making the action happen rather than have some text dictate it to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure books are great to some people, I'm just not interested. I don't know why I didn't hear of the Harry Potter or Hunger Games books until the films came out. It's probably because I'm not a member of any book clubs nor do I keep up to date with the latest big sellers in the book world.

    Listening to the HBO podcast the other day Kevin Smith pointed out that the Hunger Games sounds a lot like Logan's Run-ning Man lol.
  17. Why does he not simply pick up those dogs and snap their necks like toothpicks? burrr burr.
  18. Yes, but surely you must have heard at least a little bit about the Harry Potter books in the seven or so years that the book launches were everywhere. Even on newsround. What about shop windows? Super markets? Garage shops?

    Have you or have you not just emerged from under a rock recently?
  19. What I meant was that I'd never heard about Harry potter until the first film came out. I obviously heard about the subsequent book releases.