The Inbetweeners Film

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Phisix, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. The trailer is finally here! Cannot wait to see this. Hoping there is one more season too!
  2. This sort of thing never goes well, I am not expecting much.
  3. Jog on, it's going to be hilarious. The trailer itself looks hilarious. I remember people saying the Ali G film would turn out shit but that turned out hilarious too.
  4. This film can't not be funny, it looks like it's gonna have the same humour as the series.
  5. That looked pretty dumb. But I don't really get most British humor.
  6. Isn't the Ali G film widely considered to be crap?
  7. Looks alright.
  8. Try to find an episode from the series, I am sure you have your ways, there are 3 series of 6 episodes and then make a decision. Its finished now but they have decided to do a film because it was so successful.

    The series itself is pretty good but good series never turn into good films. Ali G, Kevin and Perry, the League of Gentlemen and Bottom all turned into real stinkers of movies.
  9. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. And I don't cut off videos midstream often. Just the thought makes me squirm.
  10. There is only two series of Inbetweeners at the moment?
  11. There are 3 and that is going to be it, they are not going to make anymore (as they have left school).

    EDIT: According to Wiki there will be 2 specials this year, I am looking into it.

    EDIT EDIT: Or not, apparently the creator has now said the film WILL be the end.
  12. Your saying season 3 has already come and gone...where the hell have I been!
  13. It was on last year, it ended with them leaving school and going on a camping trip as Simon's family is moving to Wales. You probably did see it and forgot, an example episode is that they stay at a University house and Neil pisses the bed.
  14. Think im getting myself muddled up. Thought that was season 2. Hmm..
  15. @Phisix

    You can watch all of the full episodes on youtube! I don't buy DVDs since I'd watch them once then they'd gather dust but my mate had all three seasons on DVD, funny stuff. As a fan I'm sure you've seen it all, just forgotten some of it lol.
  16. I checked wiki for the episode lists and I have seen season 3. Hmm, I always thought they would do one more. Guess the film and repeats will do.
  17. Saw the film today, the first half was your typical inbetweeners but the last half had less chuckles as it went into sentimental alley and had to tie up the romances.

    Overall, pretty good, worth a watch.

    Small warning, contains more than your recommended daily allowance of penis.
  18. That's a shame but I did fear for this movie. Too many shows with different 30 minute stories don't end well when you have to stretch one of those stories over 90+ minutes.
  19. I'm more concered about the penis exposure. I heard this film is a 15... buh? Then again I couldn't believe South Park was a 15 either.
  20. We are going to this tonight. Most people who have been (including my 2 brothers and sister) say its worth a watch so I am going to take a risk on it.

    Seeing as the cinema is now £9+ per ticket it really has to be something good for me to pay out these days. We are going to eat first as we don't fancy paying the ridiculous prices for popcorn, chocolates, hotdogs etc.