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  1. My internet connection gets slow at times, sometimes stalls, then comes back full speed. I replaced the old router that I have but it still happens.

    Is there any good way to diagnose a cable modem problem? Can someone recommend a good cable modem?
  2. Perhaps it is not on your end but the providers end? Especially after changing routers.
  3. One these might be useful. You can watch for dropped packets and what not. Or you could just call the cable company and tell them to fix it.
  4. Who is your ISP? These kinds of issues are usually on their end.
  5. Log onto your modem and check the power levels when it is running bad and compare them to what they should be. A quick search on Google should find the required levels, if it is similar to the ones used in the UK then it should be (QAM256)..

    Downstream Power: -3dBmv to +6dBmv
    Upstream Power: 35dBmv to 50dBmv
    SNR: 35dB or above

    If you are getting any figures outside of the recommended ranges then it could be:

    A faulty modem (in the UK these are changed for free by the provider but from what I understand it is different in the US).
    You could be connected to a bad tap in the cabinet.
    You could need to fit an attenuator to lower the power level getting to your modem.
    There could be an area fault and that would be the cable companies issue to deal with.
  6. Or you might have too many spliters before the modem.
  7. This is a good modem if you end up needing one:
  8. I think it turned out to be Google Chrome 15. I didn't even think to try another browser, but FF and IE both work super fast. The new Chrome seems to glitch every once in awhile and take forever to load pages.
  9. Yeah I've been having the same issue. Pages hang or take forever to load in Chrome lately. I switched back to Firefox.
  10. Chrome is working fine and has been since I installed..
  11. Yea, Chrome's been fine for me too.. but then again, I've been on the beta channel for god knows how long (Chrome 16.x)
  12. For me Chrome 15 is no slower than it's ever been... and by that I mean sufficiently fast. Very sufficiently fast.