The Last of us

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  1. I was supposed to post about this the last week when it was just rumour based, but now is the perfect time as the details have finally come out about it.

    The trailer is in the link above.
  2. Devastating virus and a smartass teenager? I can hardly wait.


    I just watched the trailer and I'm interested in this game now. Those monsters are hilarious! Cauliflower heads FTW!
  3. It's a Zombie apocalypse, but without the Zombies. It's ND so you know it will be amazing.
  4. This looks kinda amzing.
  5. It's just a cut scene though. The gameplay could be utter tripe, not worth getting excited over just yet methinks.
  6. Except it's by Naughty Dog, your argument is invalid
  7. Yeah because ND makes crap games...
  8. Is the guy in the trailer supposed to look like a Nathan Drake in his late 40's or do you reckon it was an accident?
  10. In the HD video you can make out aliasing artifacts and shimmering as well as low poly objects like the curtain, so it could very well be ingame. And since it's Naughty Dog, I would be inclined to believe them.
  11. ND is not pixar therefore your statement is invalid.
  12. What the hell? That teenager is Ellen Page!!

  13. She reminded me of a younger Ellen Page as well. I recognized the voice actor playing that character, Ashley Johnson. She's been around forever in TV and movies.

    I'm curious to know how this will play. If it's online co-op all the way through, I will be very happy. It's bound to be a great game given it's from Naughty Dog.

    It seems there's likely to be lots of killin', which actually fits the style of their recent games. Nathan Drake ends up killing hundreds of people in each Uncharted. It's much more socially acceptable to mass murder mutants that have apparently taken over the world rather than people.
  14. Wow, that means Gretchen Grundler is voicing that teenager :p
  15. You'd be surprised what people find socially acceptable in video games. Remeber GTA San Andreas? People were fine with players being able to murder police officers and prostitutes but went berserkonuts over the hot coffee mod which allowed players to have sexual relations with their girlfriend, shock horror!
  16. Looks like Omega Man/I Am Legend crossed with Resident Evil and Fallout. Not that original, but still could be fun. I'm assuming this will be more linear like the Uncharted series rather than an open world game?
  17. Evidently it's single player only and is ND's first M-rated game. I'm OK with it being single player only. I'm sure they have their reasons in terms of design. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of it.
  18. The trailer looks promising, but who really knows as we didn't see any actual gameplay.
  19. I'm sure graphically it will look pretty much like that, just with the in-game graphic cut scenes from the Uncharted games. How it plays though is another matter - I've become rather frustrated with the mega-linear nature of the Uncharted series to be honest. Sure, it's a great experience, but it's getting old. Interaction with the environments is still cumbersome and disjointed, which is true for pretty much every game of course, it's just something I think will define next generation games from current ones (or poorly made next gen games).

    So until I see actual gameplay I'm just going to figure that it will play like Uncharted - which is okay, just not something for me to get too excited about.
  20. As long as it is not first person I will be happy.