The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary: The Legend of Zelda (NES)

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    The 25th anniversary is nearly upon us, and so these threads will be about remembering each game.

    A good read about everything the original Zelda on the NES in detail.

    Did you ever play this game, and what was your memory's of it? Discuss.



  2. lost woods represent!!
  3. This was actually the first RPG that I played back in my young days. I even managed to complete it, and I even got far with the second scenario but could not find that 8th dungeon entrance.

    The best game on the NES.
  4. Honestly I don't know what was so hard about it. compaired with rpgs out now it's baby stuff. oh wait this wasn't a roast?? :-*

    Best RPG on the NES perhaps (not fond of NES FF's, but DQ games might provide some challenge), but definitely not the pinnacle machine for rpgs of any type :\\ I think side-scrollers was where it's at for the NES fanboy :D
  5. I never said it was hard, I just said that I could not find the entrance to the 8th dungeon on the second scenario. The second scenario is after you complete the game in which everything is changed around. Much like Ocarina of Time masterquest.

    You can say anything you want about this game. This is what the thread is about. Remembering it whether it was good bad or whatever.
  6. When I played this game in my youth, I would wake up at 5am to play it until my bus came, then I would go to school, think about it all day, come home, play it until dinner, eat, play it until 10pm, sleep, and then at 5am do it all over again. This repeated until I beat the game. I was exhausted, but damn I loved every minute of it.
  7. I was the first in my family to beat the game.... I don't think i ever played it a second time. figuring out how to beat gannon once was enough for me :p.
  8. I would do the same kind of thing, and that continued with A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. Ah those were the days.
  9. This was the first real adventure game I'd ever played. At the time I thought it was kind of difficult. I hated the fact that those damn monster things could eat my shield. It made me so mad.
  10. I only played this after LttP and it seemed pretty shit in comparison. Think I missed my window of opportunity to properly appreciate it.
  11. To be fair I think you are correct, if you didn't play this first and you played something later then this seems really basic and not much fun at all.

    I do miss the old top down Zelda games quite a bit and for a while the handhelds did a good job of recapturing the fun with Links Awakening and the Oracles games which were fantastic. After that Minish cap was good but far too short and the 2 DS games have been very disappointing. I have no idea why they think going back to a dungeon over and over again to unlock news areas would be fun and this has been what ruined both of them most for me.

    I know OoT is coming out for the 3DS but I think its about time Nintendo made a proper Zelda game like those on the GB/GBC.
  12. I still have to start the Minish Cap, but I have Chrono trigger to finish before that. I did play it for 10 minutes to see what it was like, and it looks quite good.

    OOT 3D is only a remake/re-style so there is always a chance that a brand new Zelda will be coming on the 3DS.
  13. I think this game has the second most memorable sound track for me. Super Mario Bros would be the first.
  14. Agreed. A few of the original Zelda soundtrack is still used in most Zelda's today. The overworld theme and Zelda theme being the most used.
  15. and in Scott Pilgrim too