The Legend of Zelda : 3DS(Sequel to LTTP)

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  1. The first brand new Zelda game for the 3DS which is not a remake, but a sequel to Link to the Past.

    Gameplay trailer in the link.

  2. No one interested in this then?

    A small hands on preview from someone who played a trial of it:
  3. I was but, as your links aren't clickable on whatsapp, I didn't go any further. I'm rather lazy.
  4. Why you think you're on whatsapp?
  5. Because I'm confused, OBVIOUSLY.
  6. Then you best get to a PC so you can read and see the screenshots noob.
  7. I'm not getting up to see anything, as I'm stuck in this chair. Hopefully this is good, as LttP is one of my all time favourites.
  8. I still think LttP is the best Zelda game ever made, but that doesn't mean I'll buy a 3DS to play this. All of my mobile gaming these days is done on my iPhone. Dedicated handhelds seem a bit quaint these days with smartphones and tablets being what they are.
  9. Playing an RPG on a pure touch screen device is my own personal version of hell.
  10. I wouldn't play an RPG on a handheld at all. They're too involved.

    Although this does remind me that I've been meaning to set up some emulators on my living room PC so I can play old classics like LttP on the big screen with a controller.
  11. The 3DS is more about 3D and less touch screen to be honest. All of the RPG's on it don't utilize the touchscreen bar Ocarina of Time(Which is for items).
  12. I was referring to monkey taking about mobile devices.

    I'm playing virtue's last reward at the moment. It don't half get talky.
  13. I played the demo of it and enjoyed it. So many great 3DS games coming in the future.
  14. I HATED the two DS Zelda games so I have very low expectations for this one. The fact that they padded both of them out by making you go back to the same dungeon over and over and those stupid phantoms which you had to avoid really ruined both for me. The stylus only controls and non ability to properly traverse the world maps without a boat or train really made those games stupid too..

    Nintendo have a lot of work to do to convince me that they can get the handheld Zelda good again as it has been a long time since they last did with the Oracle games. Minish cap was just too small and too text heavy for me.
  15. This will be nothing like the DS games. It will be back to button controls for starters and the world is the same Hyrule from LTTP. The only thing they can muck up with this game is the story.(Cant be Gannon after he was sealed away)
  16. +1 from me.

    I don't know what to think of this new announcement. The game looks promising, especially if you watch the trailer in 3d on 3ds. The 3d effect of climbing consecutive floors is ok.

    However, holy crap, it is a damned remake! Have they completely lost their creativity? What they do lately is they refresh Wind Waker and remake LttP. But we've played those thousands of times!
  17. Hour many times have they released ocarina of time now?
  18. A while ago Nintendo asked fans to vote on what the next Zelda game on 3DS they wanted. The three options were a LTTP remake, a LTTP sequel or a HD3D version of Majora's Mask. You can see what the majority voted for.

    For the Wind Waker HD remaster, well that is only being done so the Wii-U has a Zelda game while they are working on the next Zelda game in the series.


    N64, Gamecube and 3DS.
  19. The original was one of the greatest games of all time, and one of my favorite. But like cmdrmonkey, I don't value portable gaming enough to buy the hardware. I also don't have high expectations, and think it's gonna be a cash-in on nostalgia.

    Although if it came out for the full console, I would def. consider getting the console to play.
  20. Sounds like the dark world will be returning, but in what form or whether it is a new one is not known so far.