The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

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  1. I thought I had a thread up about this. It must have been on the last forum.

    Just to recap. Ocarina of Time has been re-done on the Nintendo 3DS with better graphics and better detail in some things. As of yet we don't know if anything new will be added.

    New Screenshots:


    You see the new detail and change in the last screenshot? It goes to show not only were the character and main graphics were upgraded, the little details were too.
  2. If you travelled back to 1998 and told people that the new Zelda game (which a lot of people were touting as the best game ever made) would in 2011 be being played on a handheld system made by nintendo with much improved graphics and that it would be in stereoscopic 3-D you would probably be put in the stocks for being a lunatic. What an age we live in :)
  3. Haha! Indeed, and it will only get on to get better. V.R one day maybe.

    The only fault I can find so far with this is that Link looks a lot shorter in his adult form than he did in the original. Maybe that is a zooming thing or something.
  4. It's all about perspective, since the game is in 3-D you might not get the full effect from a 3-D pic. Maybe.

    That's one of the things I love about being passionate about video games, unlike music and movies they are only going to get better, and better, and better! Love it. I do.
  5. True, the 3DS screen will only show the true 3D look, not some picture.

    Obviously I like great look characters and great detail, but I would prefer gameplay in games get better and better than the graphics. That said, Ocarina of Time already has the gameplay nailed down, so the better graphics are a welcome upgrade.
  6. It's not just the graphics either. New ways of programming games, easier quicker ways. More realism is games ranging from FPS to Racing to... well anything really. The only thing that's not garuanteed to get better are the ideas behind the games but you can't say these won't also get better as time passes.
  7. But linked to most games these days, the ideas in the old classic consoles are better than those today. Perhaps graphics, realism and everything to do with that is taking away more time than ideas and stories?

    A great example of this is Final Fantasy XIII. Square-Enix wanted amazing graphics, but in the end they had to sacrifice lots of gameplay additions including towns and replacing it with linear walkways instead. A good counter would be Uncharted 2. Amazing graphics, but with amazing gameplay and additions.
  8. I think those features being left out were more down to the story rather than time contraints. Square aren't known for rushing games. The story didn't allow for NPC's since you were fugitives for the first half and alone on a different world for the second.
  9. Ocarina of Time 3DS will also come with the Mater Quest, quest.

  10. Another few titbits about OOT3DS.

    Interesting. This could be any manner of new feature. I doubt they were talking about the Master Quest as that was already announced before and releasing just those two quests without something "brand new" would be a crime against us original N64 OOT gamers. New dungeon or dungeons I would put my money on. You heard it here first.

    Miyamoto speaking about his reasons for re-releasing this game once again:

  11. Money for old rope, that's the Nintendo way!
  12. True, but if they add something entirely new that will be good. Remember, this generation of kids have probably not played Ocarina of Time, so with this they can.
  13. I'm tempted to pick this up, just to give OoT a final chance to win a place in my heart.
  14. IGN has posted up a Ocarina of Time 64 vs Ocarina of Time 3DS screenshot comparison with everything that is new and/or different in each game. A great read for anyone tempted to get this.
  15. [​IMG]

    Release dates for Europe and USA have been released.

    Great news for 3DS owners, especially us European ones.
  16. I will have to get one next month then. June is a busy month with my daughter and wifes birthdays as well as our wedding anniversary so if I pick it up in May at least I know I will have the cash.
  17. It's my birthday on Tuesday so I'll be expecting a 3DS through the post you tight git!
  18. I wouldn't bother rushing to get a 3DS. Very light for games at the moment and the 3D effect - although cool - isn't really enough to justify getting one in of itself. I've barely played mine really, only got it because the deal was good.
  19. This is my biggest problem, I can't think of a game I want to get with it but I do want one for OoT 3DS but if I leave it until June there is the chance I will run out of money that month.
  20. Ghost Recon is the only title I wanted as I'm a big fan of Xcom and Laser Squad. Pilotwings interests me but I've heard mixed things. Waiting and seeing makes sense for most people although the console price is meant to go up soon.