The Lone Ranger 2012

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Armadeadn, Mar 15, 2012.

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    I couldn't care less about The Lone Ranger but Disney are making a new one so we might as well discuss it. Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted this pic which is the first photo of the actors in character.


    Armie Hammer is playing the Lone Ranger and I think you can tell who's portraying Tonto, the guy with the fucking bird on his head.

    Anyone interested?
  2. I think supersonic was right. Disney is making movies that are intended to fail, probably as some kind of tax write off scam.
  3. I'd say you're right but I think people will go and see it because it has Johnny Depp.
  4. Johnny Depp was in Rum Diary, which was one of the biggest flops of last year. 13M box office on a 45M+ movie.

    Maybe after Mars Needs Moms, Disney figured a failed movie they could write off is just as good as a successful movie.
  5. Is that Seth Dudebro??
  6. Mars Needs Moms? Never heard of it, and I guess that your point.