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  1. Captain Marvel

    At last Marvel shows us that being a super hero doesn’t mean you have to be a masculine meathead or a smiling painted mannequin for male pleasure.

    The theme of how women are often held back from unleashing their true power made for an uncomfortable but essential message for our age. A background story movie, it fleshes out a well rounded character with good pacing and balanced action scenes. 3 thumbs up!
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    There are plenty of other action movies with strong female leads. I refuse to waste my time on one starring a woman who hates white men. And women aren’t held back from anything, at least not in Western developed countries.
  3. If by “strong”, you mean semi-naked and without any independent agency, then I agree.

    And what’s with the hating white men angle? All sounds a bit incel to me. Never picked up that from the film.

    And yes, women are held back in the West. And the East. And the North. South as well. And everywhere inbetween too. Want to know someone who’s to blame? Just take a selfie and have a long think. You can change things for yourself and, most importantly, them too.

    Good luck friend and call on me if you need help on your journey.
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    Kill Bill franchise
    Alita Battle Angel
    The entire Terminator franchise
    The entire Alien franchise
    Mad Max Fury Road and Beyond Thunderdome
    Wonder Woman
    The Hunger Games franchise
    Star Wars Rogue One
    La Femme Nikita/Point of No Return franchise
    Edge of Tomorrow
    The Long Kiss Goodnight
    The Matrix Franchise

    To name a few action/superhero movies with strong female leads. Are you trolling or really this dense? You'd be hard pressed to find an action movie made in the last 40 years that doesn't feature some kind of female empowerment aspect. How is Ridley from Alien objectified? Sarah Connor? Trinity from the Matrix? Furiosa from Mad Max Fury Road? The hero from Gravity is a scientist/astronaut who survives because she's smart, resourceful, and strong.

    Brie Larson said that she doesn't want white men reviewing her movie. Imagine if a man said he didn't want black women reviewing his movie. He'd be drawn and quartered and his head would be paraded around on a spike by rabid feminists. I guess racism and sexism are ok as long as they are directed at white guys. Brie doesn't like my kind, so I'll do what she wants and not see the movie. You can build women up without breaking men down, but this is a concept feminists don't understand.

    Women are not held back. They are coddled, put up on a pedestal, and have things handed to them that men have to work hard for. Women have always had it easier than men, and they have things easier now than at any point in history.
  5. I don’t know man, your entire post basically boils down to saying white males are the REAL victims. I get it, when you’re use to being at the top based on nothing more than being white and male then equality is frightening because you know, and you do know this, that your position is one of great unearned and undeserved privilege.

    I get your fear. I know you’re scared. Good. Perhaps you might understand how tough life is for 95% of the rest of the world, and they’ve had to put up with it for the last billion years.
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    Throughout history men were the ones killed by the millions in wars and who destroyed their bodies with back breaking physical labor to build civilization. Most men were disposable. Their lives didn't matter much. Meanwhile most women didn’t have to work and stayed home cooking and raising kids. Women were valuable. They were coddled and protected. And you actually believe women are the ones who were oppressed? Women have always had it easy. Now they have it even easier.

    Yep so much male privilege getting killed by poison gas in a trench or ruining your lungs mining coal.

    You've been totally brainwashed by a sexist supremacist ideology. You are also doing exactly what men have done throughout history: protecting and coddling women. If women are strong and independent as you claim, they should not need male feminists to rush in and defend them from all criticism.

    What might also surprise you is that feminist women actually despise male feminists:

    Which should come as no surprise. Because feminists hate men. They even hate men who agree with them. Male feminists are seen as creepy and disingenuous.

    So when are you going to stop eating soy, eat some meat to get those testosterone levels back up, wake up to reality, and stop being part of a movement that hates you and everyone like you?
  7. I’m the one cheering the successes of those striving for equality, not sneering from the shadows. And you’re right, there are quite a few poor white males who have also had it tough. Glad you could see that from your ivory tower. Now realise that their struggles are also mirrored a thousand times by others.

    I bet you sneer at the bravery of Greta or feign boredom at the new Star Wars trilogy. Why is that? Learn to love not hate - there’s plenty of room on the Progress Bus if you want to get on.
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    "had it rough" loooollllll

    The Russian part is particularly awful. That's what happens when you use millions of poorly equipped young men as shock troops.

    Deadliest day in British history:

    But that was pretty much all white guys dying so I guess it doesn't count.

    Find me an example of women being treated as disposable machine gun fodder and killed by the tens of thousands in one day. You can't because women are valuable. Society doesn't throw them away the way it does young men.

    I could post countless other examples of young men whose lives were thrown away in massive numbers by uncaring leaders.
  9. Yeah, it’s not like my family has any military history at all! Whilst it’s nice for many a privileged white male to daydream of the horrors of war via YouTube, I grew up learning of my families history. And, here’s a thing you may find hard to believe, but you can fight against the exploitation of various ‘underclasses’ at the same time! Try picking ANYTHING and try to make a positive impact!
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    So did I. What my grandfather went through in Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge was horrific. My great uncle was shot down over Berlin, captured, tortured, starved, and sent on a death march through the snow. He made it home but was never the same. My great grandfather was an aerial artillery spotter in WW1 who also fought in the Russian Revolution. I'm not sure how anyone could listen to the stories of people like this and think men had it so amazing back in the day. Life for the average guy sucked ass throughout most of history. But you act like men had so much privilege. Not really. Leaders sure. But not average guys.

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  11. White men have had far more privilege than other groups in most of modern history. You can sub-divide to show that white men have suffered too - and? It seems weird that so many white males go to this sort of thing!

    So because some people in our family history have fought - albeit for different sides - we should treat others worse than us today? That we should keep others down? Huh? You know you fucked up when AKS laughs at your point.
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    The majority of suicide and homicide victims are male. The majority of combat deaths are male. The majority of workplace and industrial accident victims are male. The majority of custody cases are won by women. The majority of college students are female. The majority of high paying jobs are now being filled by women. Women receive much lighter sentences in criminal and civil trials. Women have shelters they can go to in cases of domestic abuse, while no such shelters exist for battered men. Women are much less likely than men to live in poverty or be homeless. So much male privilege to go around.

    Women are not being systematically oppressed. If anything they have many advantages over men and receive a lot of special treatment that men don't get.
  13. I'm laughing at him making you look like a fool. Your points are asinine and easily mockable. But they're not really your points. You're repeating the same crap I've heard hundreds of others on college campuses and in various occupational fields regurgitate. You always try to refute facts with emotionally driven vague generalities. You sound like you're reading a script.

    monsly: Men are privileged! You hate women!
    anyone else: Here's example A, B, and C that refute your claim. 10,000 men died in this battle. Study A demonstrates this trend contrary to your claim.
    monsly: Men are privileged! You hate women, patriarchal incel!

    Someone could do a 300-page study refuting every absurd claim you made, and you'd reply with the same sort of circular and unsubstantiated nonsense. You just keep repeating the same tired positions with a few social justice buzzwords like incel or privilege thrown in but have no data or support behind it. It's like a second religion for you, and you sound like a social justice zealot as loony about social justice as a backwoods Southern Baptist preacher is about getting to know Jesus.
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    Rofl at him calling me an incel

    involuntary celibacy is definitely not an issue I’ve ever struggled with
  15. I haven't been following but it looks like at some point, monsly came back as a forum troll full time. I haven't seen a normal post by him in forever. what happened?
  16. Is he trolling or did his brain just get scrambled by the social justice brigade?
  17. I want to say it's trolling since it's 100% of his posts.. but I don't know. I don't really understand the minds of trolls or sjw's
  18. Just wanted to interject on the initial topic. I think there is a difference between what Brie Larson said and meant to say.

    You shouldn't take actors opinions too literally and try go gauge intent. These people look smart because they are rich and well dressed. But most never went to college or even finished high school. They seem to habitually say stupid shit when their words aren't scripted.

    Do you believe Liam Neeson hates all black people? I don't think so. But he said some stupid shit on TV.
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    Sounds like some pretty serious apologism on behalf of Larson. It's not a case of not meaning what she said. It's a case of not realizing no one outside her social justice Hollywood bubble of activists and virtue signalers think like this until after she said it. I've seen her make jokes about the patriarchy out of nowhere in the middle of an interview. The doorbell rang and she said "That was the patriarchy that was ringing on my parade.” I don't think this was a new or unfamiliar topic to her. She is almost certainly accustomed to saying things like that and everyone in her clique laughs and agrees with her.

    Liam Neeson was ashamed of the way he reacted to that event in the past. He was trying to be open about having terrible thoughts after something horrible happened to someone close to him, something he didn't think he'd do. He was trying to participate in one of those "open and honest conversations" everyone claims to want yet they have relentlessly tried to destroy him for it just as I would have expected. The dumb thing he did was reveal anything like that to the PC police. Unlike Brie he wasn't an activist in favor of what he said. It was something he was deeply ashamed of from his past following a traumatic event.
  20. Not really trolling but I find there’s been a sad slide to some really quite horrible views here from a few and it really goes unchallenged. So I occasionally comeback, detect that the horrible undercurrents still exists and have a little chat and see what appears. Often it’s unpleasant.

    It’s a sad part of the modern internet that places become echo chambers but I think that’s what’s happened to here and I suspect it’s part of the reason it’s so much quieter really. It’s all fine to have a chat and a laugh but do you really want to do it with people with rather hate filled views? It’s not that appealing. I’m not including the whole forum (and not you to be clear) in that assessment but it’s a few significant ones.