The Most Influential/Significant Games

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  1. What are the games that changed the world (of gaming)? I'm talking about games that did for the games industry what the Beatles did for music and The Matrix did for films. What are the most important games ever made without which we wouldn't have some of todays offerings? Here's a few examples.

    Wolfenstein 3D (1992)
    The undisputed grand daddy of all first person shooters. If this game had not been made we wouldn't have had Doom and it's reasonable to assume we might not have had things like Quake, Half-Life, Halo, Crysis and Call of Duty. Probably the most important game of them all. Oh, and it had Hitler dual wielding mini-guns!


    Metal Gear Solid (1998)
    Although Tenchu was really the first modern "stealth 'em up" it was Metal Gear Solid that really brought it to the masses. Everything about this game was a level of epic not seen before in a video game. The story, the action, the music, everything was designed to play a role. It was also one of the first games to really interact with the player. Examples of this are Meryl's codec frequency (which was required to continue the game) actually being written on the back of the game's box, and Psycho Mantis commenting on save files on the memory card or moving the controller with his mind, freaky. Hideo Kojima took game direction several notches higher than it had ever been, and the trend continued not only with subsequent Metal Gear Solid games but games in general.


    Gran Turismo (1997)
    The name says it all. Gran Turismo, The Real Driving Simulator. In the mid nineties racing games were usually confined to a handful of cars and even less tracks to race on, until 1997 that is when Gran Turismo burst onto the scene. Boasting over a hundred real world cars ranging from Nissan to Aston Martin and over a dozen tracks plus the option to earn money and tune your cars making them faster racing machines, was more than anyone could have hoped for. The game featured a level of realism not only in the game physics but also the graphics that was hitherto unseen in a racing game. Gran Turismo literally set the standard for racing games and the series continues to do so 14 years later.

  2. Cant remember that i had to read Meryl's code on the backside of the game, but the memcard/controller thingy was pretty nice thought out, for being '98.

    Think games like Half Life 1, Quake, UT99, System Shock 2 and maybe even BF1942 had an impact on gaming aswel.
  3. How can you forget that? I was totally stuck for days because I didn't think they actually meant it was on the back of the actual box for the game!



    Things like that are why Hideo is amazing. He thinks outside the box... or on the back of it.
  4. Hah, now i remember, it was my littlebrother playing, we played through the whole game together. I remember this was pretty much in the beginning :)

    It was an emotional touchy game aswel, remember the part where Snake has to 'set free' Sniper Wolf after the sniper battle with her? You then lay a handerchief over her face and pull the trigger. The music in combination with the great role play was really touchy, made us both really tearing:D

    One of the greatest games really.
  5. Yes it is. I think it's one of the best franhcises of all time and I have to say it has my favourite franchise story. The way they all dove tail and come together in MGS4 is nothing short of spectacular.
  6. Yep, ive played 1, 2, and 3, MGS1 was still the best so far. Ive yet to try MGS4 (only have done MP there), GameSpot rewarded it with a 10.0, which is rare on gamespot.
  7. I'm saving the multiplayer for when I finish my first playthrough. I've had them all except Subsistence and I think MGS3 is the best, followed by 2, then 4 and finally 1. MGS4 feels different because it's got the camera you can rotate like Splinter Cell which I don't really like in a MGS game. It also feels like there's more shootouts than in previous instalments and you can shoot in the over the shoulder view like Gears of War, it doesn't feel like the usual MGS. Story wise it's the best simply because it links up with all the previous games.


    Remember the DARPA chief who was "accidentally killed" while Ocelot tortured him in MGS1? Turns out that was Sigint from MGS3 and Ocelot killed him because he was one of the founding members of the Patriots and he recognised Ocelot who had abandoned them. Awesome.
    You meet Eva from MGS3 and she has played a MAJOR role behind the scenes since MGS3. Awesome.
    It also turns out that the events from Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake on the MSX in the late 1980's (Outer Heaven and Zanzibar land respectively) were Big Boss's attempts to revolt against the Patriots and Solid Snake was sent by the Patriots to stop Big Boss. So in a way in the first two Metal Gear games Big Boss was the good guy and Snake was the unknowing villain. Major awesomes!
    "Major Tom" Zero (Naked Snake's commanding officer in operation Snake eater) was the main founder of the Patriots and lost grip no reality with his lust for power and eventually created the A.I that featured in MGS2 (remember GW?) and the A.Is that created the "War Economy" in MGS4. Zero also came up with the Les Enfants Terrible project.

  8. MGS3:Subsistance had this freelook camera added in as well. Hideo Kojima gets motion sickness when he plays with this kind of camera though, so maybe that's why it wasn't introduced sooner.

    MGO is a bit of a hassle since it doesn't use your PSN ID. You'll have to register a Konami ID to play online. I don't even know if anyone still plays it these days.
  9. Wow sounds cool, allways liked how the MGS series have their story's bounded together.
    A nice thing from MGS1 was the invisibility thingy you got and could play the whole game again with it. The Nikita was a primairy version of the Redeemer from UT99. Cool things.
  10. MGS2 has a great shout out to the special equipment you could get at the end of MGS1.

    The bit where Raiden asks Snake if he's ok for ammo and Snake just points at his bandanna and says "Infinite ammo"

  11. Lol yea, MGS1 was known for funny moments aswel, remember where that professor (cant come up his name atm) pees his pants when that cyborg stands infront of him, lol
  12. Yeah. That was brilliant. I'm gonna say it, Solid Snake is possibly my favourite charcter ever, he is simply awseome. I'm going to go ahead and count Big Boss from MGS3 as Solid Snake too.
  13. Excellent time for me to dust off my copy of MGS3, and play it via PSSX2, could record some with fraps.... :lol:
  14. Don't forget to run it at 2560x1600 lol. If you like Metal Gear you should buy MGS4, just for the story.
  15. @ 120FPS ofcourse:p MGS4 is a must play for me, ive played MGS series since '98, would be a shame to not live it up. Atleast, am lucky enough ive played the games since they came out. It just doesnt cut it to play MGS1 now for the first time and then go through them.
  16. That was somewhat of a recurring theme as Hal "Otacon" Emmerich's little sister, Emma "E.E." Emmerich peed herself when Raiden first found her in MGS2. lol.

    As far as touching moments go this one has to be the most emotional for me.

    SPOILERS! again

    Vamp stabbed Emma (rather ironically) during an attempt the get her to safety. If you played MGS4 and wondered why Otacon hates Vamp so much, this is why:

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