The new Ghostbusters

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  1. The cast has been chosen.

    Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones.

  2. This is going to suck goat testicles.
  3. Childhood ruined.
  4. Pro tip: if you're going to remake one of the greatest comedies of all time, it helps to cast people who aren't painfully unfunny.
  5. It best have the original people to pass along the torch to the new ones or I will be pissed. Can see it being one of those lame comedy types far away from the originals.
  6. Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are on board. Maybe this won't suck so much after all.
  7. They best train the new team.
  8. OK... not saying it's gonna be good. But it doesn't look like the disaster I initially thought.

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    Looks fucking horrible. Shit like this is why people are voting for Trump. They want to burn it all down.

    The PC radfem social justice brigade won't even let us have Ghostbusters anymore.
  10. I'll probably watch it. My favourite bit was when the matronly woman was being slapped.
  11. Looks alright.
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  13. This trailer gets better every time I see it.
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    They went with an all female cast for radical feminist/ political correctness reasons. Which is why it's unintentionally hilarious that the black woman character is some dated racist stereotype.

    I just took a dump and it looked better than this movie.
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  15. C'mon…the original Ghostbusters was not some sort of untouchable classic. It had a unique concept and a good cast, but the overall story and jokes weren't much more than "good".
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    First they want to take away our video games. Now they want to take away our Ghostbusters. Fuck this shit, I'm voting for Trump. Anyone who makes a movie like this should be forced to eat a whole freezer full of Trump steaks.
  17. A Fallout Boy theme song? I'm starting to think this movie is just an elaborate troll job to piss people off.