The Official PVCF 2011 GOTY

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    Since it is nearly the end of the year, it would be good to see what everyone's game of the year is.

    Just post what you think is the game of the year and also write why in good detail if you can. I will add up all of the games in a week and the game with the most likes will be crowned the PVCF 2011 GOTY.
  2. Winner -
    Skyrim: huge, beautiful world, enormous amount of content, good storytelling, lots of little improvements over Oblivion and FO3

    Runner Up -
    Deus Ex Human Revolution: starts off slow, but the sections in New Shanghai are awesome. It feels like a real follow up to Deus Ex, unlike that Invisible War garbage.
  3. Skyrim without any doubts. I wish we had more games like this one, with huge open worlds and tons of quests and ways to be engaged in adventures.

    Close behind

    Dark Souls - I wish we had Skyrim with Dark Souls combat mechanics. It's just perfect, not the difficulty but the fairness.
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  5. GOTY - Uncharted 3:

    Even more better than Uncharted 2(Which was a GOTY itself) The graphics were amazing, the locations were breathtaking and the story and gameplay were even better than its counterpart. Add that to the fun multiplayer side and the great set pieces and you got yourself a winner.

    Runner up - Skyrim
  6. It was easy to pick my top two, but it was difficult to order them.

    Dark Souls- This game has one of the most incredible and immersive game worlds I've seen. The seamless integration of the various landscapes into a single, complete game world still amazes me. The combat is near perfect. It's a worthy follow-up to one of my previous GOTY choices, Demon's Souls, and the level of difficulty I enjoyed so much in the previous game has carried over. It is difficult to find any major flaws. FROM has taken the action/RPG to new heights with Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. This is the direction this genre needed to go.

    Skyrim- Perhaps the one of the highest compliments I can give Skyrim is that I think it's Bethesda's best game. The improvements incorporated from Fallout 3 were key for me, as I found Oblivion's leveling system to be wretched. Skyrim is another game that must be complimented for its enormous and immersive game world. The random encounters with dragons and other foes keeps things exciting. This would have been an easy choice for #1 most years. The quality of the top games this year is very high.
  7. Call of DutyMW3
  8. Winner -
    Rayman Orgins: I love this game. I didn't think that I would, but I love it. It's almost like someone overclocked a Super Nintendo to get this game running! Nifty artwork, slick animation, and some catchy music all make this a delight to play.

    Runner Up -
    Portal 2: Fun, fun, fun, fun! I played it non-stop when it launched. And I was totally POed when I finished it. If this game wasn't so short, it would be my winner. But... c'est la vie.
  9. Winner


    This game is basically my second favourite game of all time (Oblivion) only much better in every single way. Best game ever.

    Runner Up

    Forza 4

    I have been a huge Gran Turismo fan ever since the beginning but I have to say this is probably the best racing game I've ever played. It crosses the realism of GT with the fun of PGR. Excellent racer.
  10. I'll cast another vote for Skyrim as GOTY 2011.

    Bethesda took one of the best early console games of this gen (Oblivion), and improved it in ways that are almost hard to believe for the aging hardware and for such a well-worn genre. It really delivers the epic scale and scope of environments/enemies that adventure gamers have craved. A new gold standard for western RPG's has been set!
  11. As votes go, it seems that Skyrim will be this years GOTY. Keep them coming if there is anyone left.
  12. Oblivion is... a console game??

    Anyway I can't recall what I played and when they came out. I typically scrounge stuff from the bargain bin and sales. Typically 6 month old or whatever games, but all the same I don't quite recall if they're this year or last.

    I also force myself to play games cuz I'm bored... I don't exactly enjoy them all... :/ lol.
  13. It is. The PS3 port was probably the best of the three although there were doubts if it's possible at all. I remember a long discussion from the old site where one user (was his nick 'alex'?) claimed that Oblivion on PS3 will never happen.
  14. I am having a bit of trouble choosing a GOTY, namely because the games that I liked the most that I played this year are a few years old. I guess that I'll have to say what everyone else is saying then.

    Skyrim: While I didn't like this instalment as much as the others as it was far too simplified and rather short in comparison to the other titles (especially in terms of side quests) it was still quite good.

    Space Marine: This was a bit of a surprise for me, the melee and shooting mechanics are spot and very visceral; furthermore the multiplayer aspects as very balanced and entertaining. Finally the storyline is decently long and paced and very good, in fact one of the best I've ever seen.