The Pirates\' Cove

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  1. Avast thieving pirate scum! This will be a place to discuss piracy.

    Some resources:

    EZTV: Great for TV torrents

    TPB: Good mix of everything

    Demonoid: Good for stuff you can't find on Pirate Bay, requires an invite

    Demonoid Invites:

    Tools (use perblock and you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than being caught):

    Utorrent settings for maximum speed:

    Port for incoming connections: 45682 (make sure this is forwarded in your router)

    outgoing encryption: forced

    Maximum Upload Rate: 65
    Global Max Connections: 1890
    Maximum Number of connected peers: 2329
    Number of upload slots: 14
  2. More resources:

    MKV2VOB: this converts downloaded MKV files to something the PS3 can read

    DVDFlick: easily burn downloaded shit to DVDs

    AVIDemux: some jackasses will split up longer movies into two avi files. This program will rejoin them.

    Open the first part of the movie. Then go to file, append, and open the second part. Then go to file, save, and then save the movie as a .avi file to your desktop.

    Daemon Tools Lite: this is a virtual BD/DVD drive. This is very useful for opening disc images of games.
  3. Peerblock? I generally don't upload because I'm greedy and retarded with software. I've never been caught downloading movies or things in my life. It's scary and weird to think nowadays they would throw you in jail or fine you for that. Corporate whores! (And no, I hate communism too.) Back in my day...

    There's also my girlfriend sometimes uses for movies and mostly good for metal music.

    Also for anyone into 'depressive suicidal black metal' (horrible I know- this is the last thing Europe needs) there is
  4. Pirate bay and Isohunt. That is all.
  5. Just paranoid I guess.