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  1. Does anyone have any good tips for potty training? My son understands the concept. Uses the potty at times. But other times he just goes in his pants. I think he gets distracted. I'm trying lots of praise and giving him candy when he's done using the potty. Not sure what else to do. I've heard boys have a harder time with potty training than girls.
  2. Your experience is familiar to me and I don't have an answer. My wife said they are ready when they are ready.
  3. Replace the toilet paper with three seashells.
  4. We got those pull ups for my daughter where the picture disappears if they wet themselves. We told her that the princess dies if she wets and she never did, it's all about psychology.
  5. As long as it wasn't Zelda. She's always in another diaper.
  6. I asked him the other night why he went in his pants rather than the potty. His answer "I missed."
  7. I told my son that he can pee in the woods while camping. Then one day we're at the park for a birthday party and he decided it was fine to pee there as well.
  8. If he has a problem with distraction, then you should try a schedule. We did this with my son. Every few hours or so, we would take him to the bathroom, regardless of whether he had to go. After while we would just remind him it was time and he would tell us if he had to go or not. Eventually he got it on his own.

    If he is disinterested, I've heard about using cheerios in the toilet. You put cheerios in the toilet and make a game out hitting them with his pee. We didn't do this with my son because he didn't need motivation, he just needed reminders and to learn to understand his body when he has to pee.
  9. As I looked on in horror my son decided to rip the trackpoint off of my Thinkpad, then ran away from me and ate it.
  10. Probably taste like a chewy skittle.
  11. This reminded me. When my son was younger,maybe 3 or 4, he told us he ate a nail. We kept asking if he was absolutely sure and he kept saying yes. So we had to get x-rays and of course there was no nail.
  12. A few months ago my son ate a keychain, it did show up on x-ray, and he later pooped it out.
  13. My son just found my old orignal Game Boy from 1989. I probably haven't turned it on in 15 years. Somehow, the old AA batteries in it are still working and he's playing Mortal Combat.
  14. I recently became a dad as well so I'm here to learn any tips available.
  15. Never order a black Darth Vader birthday cake. The black is actually made from a gallon of blue food coloring and you'll be crapping blue for days. Try to stick to Storm Trooper or R2-D2 cakes.
  16. You’ll figure things out. Kids are fun. Wish I’d had my son sooner honestly.
  17. Lies, the first year will be the worst year of your life, you won't get to sleep and you'll be doing so much crap that you'll never feel like you have any energy. Also when they cry for an hour or when you're out and about and they cry in a public place and everyone starts looking at your, yeah, that is loads of fun.

    Mine is 12 next month so she is pretty easy now as she has a gaming PC, iPad, Switch and phone. I only have 6 more years and I can kick her out.

  18. How's the home schooling going? I have an 8 and 10 year old and they haven't surpassed my intellectual abilities yet, but a 12 year old might test me.
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    Yeah I didn't sleep the first year. I don't think anyone does. I'm a hands on kind of Dad: I change his diapers and his clothes and feed him. I know some guys who leave everything to the wife which is shitty. But my son is a cool little dude with a fun personality which makes it all worth it. He's always doing funny stuff and making me laugh. Everything is new and exciting to him. Some people just don't like kids and that's fine. It sounds like you're one of those people.
  20. She gets on with most of it herself. She's asked me for help on a couple of maths questions as the teacher is setting her some diabolical stuff but I think that is modern schooling. The only thing she finds difficult to this approach is that the teacher is only available by email so she can't asks questions like she would in the classroom. They are learning things earlier that we learnt at a much later stage but then again, it's been a hell of a long time since I've been at school now.

    Between her iPad, PC and phone she has all the tools to do all her lessons. Even her drama lessons, she had to record herself reading a monologue for example and the teacher can mark this. The app our school uses means we can keep track of the work she is being set, when it is due and if she has submitted it on time. She's a pretty good kid and smart too boot, it's the kids who aren't so good in school that I suspect are going to really fall behind.