The SEGA Cemetery is over....???

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by CaptainScarlet, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Uhhh! the Sega cemetery was omitted in this new pvcf3 forums is good to include it again to remember those days of Phantasy Star Online and a lot of games.
    Was the first time i surf the web and the first time i join a forums that was IGN and was free to everybody.
    i meet a lot of people.
  2. I grew up with a Mega Drive and Game Gear rather than a Snes and Gameboy so Sega have always had a special place in my heart. I remember the day I saw a Sonic game on a Nintendo console, I knew then the world I knew was no more. Don't get me started on when I first saw Sonic and Mario in the same game! Up is left and the world is actually inside itself. I knew that I'd seen everything and now nothing surprises me.
  3. We got rid of it in a way, but now we have the forum: Legacy Platforms. So discussion about any of the old retro and legacy consoles such as Sega and its discussions will be in there.
  4. Sega brought out some corkers in their time. I'm still collecting some pads to complete my ultimate Saturn Bomberman setup.
  5. Sega hasn't been relevant for a decade, so it made no sense to have a section for it. Just discuss it in legacy platforms.
  6. Still alive and just to see what are their moves for the future.
    What did you think if they launch another console?
    well very dificult or impossible to catch nintendo ,Xbox and Playstation.
    But is Possible.
  7. If Sega brought out a new console I would literally love it. Fuck knows if it would be any good but it would get everyone talking.
  8. They'd have to pull out all the stops if they wanted it to succeed. But judging from how they've butchered the Sonic franchise... I have little hope.
  9. Who is going to forget the 9-9-99 ? a lot of things come to my mind.
  10. Sonic 3 & Knuckles. 'nuff said.
  11. [​IMG]

    'Nuff said.
  12. I turn on my console today and play Sega Swirl.
  13. Anyone played Sonic Colours? That is supposed to be Sonics best game since Adventure 2.
  14. I've heard similar praise for Colours so I'd like to know I'm not a big Sonic fan so I'm not going to be getting it, just to see if it's decent. Sonic 4's memory still burns.