The Thing 2011 - Possible Prequel or Remake

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  1. The John Carpenter/Kurt Russell original isn't even that old, and it's a horror masterpiece that's pretty much perfect. No idea why they're doing this other than to cash in. And does it really need to have a chick in it?
  2. if it has boobs, it has my $$$
  3. I was under the impression that this was meant to be a prequel as opposed to a remake.
  4. Hard to tell if it is a remake or a prequel. I don't remember seeing a woman in the original though at the beginning so I am going for remake.
  5. It is a prequel.
  6. Everything on the interwebs is talking about it being a prequel.

    Bear in mind, in the original "The Thing" is in a dog at the begging, running from somewhere and the guys in the original take it back to their base which is the start of the thing killing them all.. The trailer for this shows that this team actually find the spacecraft or whatever it is that brings the Thing to Earth and freezes up.

    So I can already predict the end of the movie if they're sticking with the idea of real continuity.
  7. That trailer does not make me want to see that film. Looks like your standard generic "scary" film.
  8. Have you seen the original? I would put it up there with the Shining and the first two Alien films as one of the greatest horror movies of all time. It's on the IMDB top 250 for good reason.
  9. I saw Swamp Thing, don't recall The Thing though... is it as good as It? Perhaps we should call this The Thing that happened before the Thing!
  10. Are you being serious? It is a piece of crap, while The Thing is one of the greatest horror movies ever made.

    There was even a pretty decent Xbox game based on The Thing.
  11. I remember watching this as a kid an getting freaked out by two scenes that are still stuck in my head to this day. The dog transforming.. and then the head.. growing legs and running away. omgggg

    Truthfully, if this new movie is being made as a prequel, it looks very very close to the story in the original. I hope they add new twists or new story elements rather than just the isolation they're in and the paranoia against each other.
  12. Yeah, even if it's focused on telling the story of the first group of scientists, it's hard to see how it will be that different from the general John Carpenter plot line unless they take some liberties with the end result or the nature of "the Thing" itself. A strict prequel doesn't seem that interesting.
  13. Shows how much I know, I always used to hear "The Thing" and think it was a horror film from the 40's. Might give the original a watch now I know it was made in the 80's and stars Kurt Russell.
  14. It's a good film actually. It's been on TV a few times over the years.
  15. This has crappy reviews. Currently at 30% on RT.
  16. A headline review says that this movie was "the warmest piece of shit to grace a movie screen". Oh dear...
  17. So ichi was right on the money with this one. I watched it over the weekened and it's EXACTLY what ichi said. Kinda scary actually. I think we should stone him for dabbling in witchcraft. As the movie ends and the credits roll, they show how the dog breaks free and starts running away.

    I'm actually glad ichi mentioned this cuz I totally forgot how the original movie started and the ending of this prequel would've been kind of bla.

    Well it doesn't really matter as the movie was extremely bla. It's as mediocre as mediocre could be. The visuals were cool but they just showed too much, if you know what I mean. So it doesn't end up being as creepy as the original. The only creepy part are the blank expressions on the victims faces when the Thing transforms their body. Otherwise, it's not so different from the original movie.
  18. any female nudity?
  19. Unfortunately no. they're in antarctica so everyone is all layered up in coats.
  20. this is highly irregular.