The tolerant and nonviolent social justice activist thread

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  1. Not enough praise has been given to tolerant social justice activists who basically save the world every time they tweet on their iPhone from Starbucks about how offensive bigotry is to them.

    I'm not a fan of InfoWars, but the level of civility is questionable when a few hundred deranged students surround a 5'4" female correspondent and scream obscenities at her while throwing water, hot coffee, and soda onto them until her large security guard finally picks her up and carries her out of the crowd to safety. Police were present throughout...and just watched from the sidelines and did nothing.

    I know who she is. She tends to have strong trolling and provocateur tendencies and asks a lot of leading questions to try to catch people off guard and make them look bad on her videos. She is a bit of a pain in the ass. I could certainly understand why she would not be liked or welcomed there. But this is not acceptable behavior for a college campus. This looks like like a mob from a third world nation rather than college students. I'm glad I got out of the university setting when I did. I knew it would only get worse.
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    I'm not a fan of the direction colleges are going in. They used to be places where people were introduced to different ideas, including ideas they might not agree with. It was kind of the whole point of the college experience. Infowars are gigantic morons who spread a lot of misinformation. But physically attacking them goes against everything college is supposed to be about. You can hate someone's ideas and still be civil towards them.
  3. I never really understood why people are concerned about what is going on in our Universities or how this many people in a University have this much time to waste. When I was in school I didn't have time to stand around and yell at trolls. And by looking at her videos she seems like a professional troll who profits of this kind of reactions.

    Also. Every time that big guy picks her up, which is weird, I can't help but think of this.

  4. Yeah true. I have to wonder what these people are majoring in that they have so much free time to protest. I was pretty much always either studying, in class, working, or maybe going to some kind of fraternity event. Even if I had the time I would not have gone because protesting is pointless and doesn't accomplish anything.
  5. She also has a train horn installed on her truck which by default has to classify her as an a-hole.

  6. The more these social justice and ANTIFA loons escalate in aggression, the more I think about the crazy shit I've seen in documentaries of mobs in third world nations running down and publicly executing whoever they were chasing.

    This frenzied mob was going to burn a guy alive in the pursuit of "justice" in Johannesburg. The social justice lunatics already had the bike lock warrior who tried to brain multiple people, and they keep getting crazier over time.
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    I'm left leaning but these people do bother me. They are like our side's version of evangelicals with the constant faux outrage, self righteousness, and wanting everything they disagree with censored. They also engage in the same kind of science denial. Evangelicals get real whacky about evolution and the age of the Earth because it doesn't fit with their strict literal interpretation of the Bible. In much the same way these people have some very strange ideas about sex and gender, because men and women being biologically different doesn't fit with their feminist narrative of gender being a social construct and men and women being exactly the same. Both movements attract the same true believer types. SJWs even now have a doomsday mythos centered around climate change catastrophizing much the same way evangelicals are always preparing for the rapture.
  8. My voting record would suggest I'm not only left, but a fringe lefty extremist, particularly 2 votes for Nader and one for Jill Stein in 2012. I abstained in 2016 from disgust of identity politics pushed by Democrats and the Green Party. I'm planning to write-in Gabbard this year. But these social justice cultists assume I'm a racist alt-right Trump supporting Nazi if I exhibit the slightest bit of dissent or challenge any of their views. But regardless of how right or left someone is, authoritarian isn't going to jive with me. This eliminates the social justice loons, alt-right wingnuts, religious fundamentalists, President Trump, and most corporate Democrats as options for me.

    In the 80s and some of the 90s, the conservatives were the more authoritarian leaning party with a powerful faction of religious fundamentalists trying to ban and censor books, movies, video games, ect. for being "profane" and "obscene." They used similar arguments and language as the SJWs do now. I don't have the fondest memory of that time considering I was an atheist lefty growing up in Indiana. But the authoritarian/ libertarian orientations have flipped to some extent since then. Now conservatives usually disagree with most of my views but are willing to debate things in a civil manner and still tend to treat me with respect most of the time. The authoritarian social justice nuts, on the other hand, become unhinged and operate in a surprisingly similar manner of character assassination, deception, coercion, and manipulation as Scientologists.