The Witcher 3

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  1. I am sure we had the topic in the previous database as well as the one before but can't find it here.

    Anyway, they have released the "first 15 minutes" footage and it looks really promising. If this is the console version, I have no more questions.

    I keep my fingers crossed the release is not postponed again.
  2. The Witcher is garbage.
  3. They feel like low budget knock offs to me...
  4. That's a good description. They're low budget Eastern European knockoffs of Elder Scrolls. I bought the first two games for $3 each during Steam sales and still felt like I had wasted my money.
  5. I wouldn't judge the new release by what you got last time.
    You would never play any Elderscrolls with this attitude, considering how bad the first game was.

    Also, they hire people from scandinavia, uk, us and many other countries. It is your another mistake to judge the game by the location of a company.

    During last The Game Awards in Las Vegas they won the Most Anticipated Game award. Plus they won few awards from IGN, Gamespot and others.
  6. This game does have a lot to live up to. The developers claimed early on that it was going to max out the graphic capabilities of the PS4, so they've got some serious trash talk to back up.
  7. Sure, they would not be the first nor the last to not to stand up to expectations.

    But we are not speculating, we have the footage from actual game. A youtube version if someone missed the one from above:

    Fast forward it to around 8:00 where they move around rather than talk.
  8. I was totally waiting for you to say that it looked like a 15 minute pre-rendered cutscene.

    I'm looking at the 2:30 mark and the shadows move when the trees get blown by the wind. I'm not sure I've ever seen that before. Turning the shadows down is the first thing I do to get a little better FPS on my PC. If the PS4 is actually doing this at >30FPS it's very impressive.

    But a knock off of what? The world, characters and story all come from the book series.
  9. Dragon Age: Inquisition had that on PS4. That initial area in Witcher 3 looks like it's just cranked up for effect.
  10. It's cranked up to max out the graphic capabilities of the PS4!
  11. What if the whole game is just cranked up for effect? Considering it's "a low-budget" "East European" "knock off", it's actually possible. Crank up a whole game and no one will notice it's all made up ;)
  12. It's a bit on the wacky side if you ask me. A lot of the trees are too large to really move around like that if it's just breezy.
  13. Here we can see Metacritc scores for the PC versions of Elder Scrolls and Witcher games. The Elder Scrolls series gets good critic reviews but their users reviews don't match. Obviously the critics have been bought off with fancy t-shirts and free passes to all-you-can-eat buffets. The Witcher games actually have higher users scores proving beyond a doubt that they are better.

    Elder Scrolls Morrowind 89/8.9
    Blood Moon 85/8.5
    Tribunal 80/8.4

    Elder Scrolls Oblivion 94/8.0
    Shivering Isles 86/8.6
    Knights of the Nine 86/7.6

    Elder Scrolls Skyrim 94/8.4
    Dragonborn 83/7.9
    Hearthfire 54/5.7
    Dawnguard 66/6.8

    Witcher 81/8.9
    Witcher Enhanced 86/8.5
    Witcher 2 88/8.5
  14. How many people have actually played any Witcher games as opposed to Elder Scrolls? Elder Scrolls has a huge audience, with far more players reviewing it. I think that given enough reviews, even great games will start to get down into the 7-8 range.
  15. Metacritic includes all of the low scores from people having a hissy fit over horse armor, expansion prices, and lack of nudity.
  16. Well I was only looking at PC reviews. Numbers for Elder Scrolls are really hard to find but PC sales are probably like this.

    Witcher 1 2.1 Million
    Witcher 2 2.2 Million
    Skyrim 2.8 Millions

    Oblivion < 2 million
    Morrowwind < 2 millions

    Skyrim sold over 20 million total but only 14% of sales were PC.
  17. Not-so-breathtaking trailer, I don't quite get the idea of the offscreen voice explaining things. Also, the graphics seem to lack filters so it kind of looks like a downgrade.

    In any case, definitely a must see.
  18. The voice-over is kind of weird in terms of the delivery. Sounds automated.
  19. Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.
  20. Are you following the books?

    It seems they've translated and published the first three of five books of the Witcher saga (Blood of Elves, Baptism of Fire, Time of Contempt). Also, the second books of stories is about to be released in a month (Sword of Destiny).

    Two years ago Sapkowski wrote a book, prequel to the whole story (Season of Storms) which ends in the exact moment his very first story back from '86 starts. The book was a great success here and definitely will be soon translated too, I guess as soon as the last two remaining saga books are released (The Swallow's Tower/2016, The Lady of the Lake/2017)