The X Files

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  1. Yeah, I know it is an old series but I never really watched it from start to finish. I only saw random episodes from different seasons back in the day.

    Just finished watching the first two episodes and it has become really interesting thus far. I hope it stays like this throughout.
  2. The X-Files was good for the first few seasons but it got really shitty later on. I liked the "monster of the week" style of the early episodes. It was the UFO conspiracy backstory for the whole thing that was lame and poorly thought out, and that really went nowhere.

    Also, David Duchovny pretty much bailed on the show during its last few seasons, which killed it.
  3. One of the best shows of all time. Even the later episodes were good but they deviated so much for the originals that they were hard to accept as X-File worthy.
  4. I was a big fan of the show, but even I couldn't make it through the last few seasons. The show really started to go south after the movie if I remember correctly.

    On a related note, if you're a David Duchovny fan, Californication is a delightful piece of trash that's worth getting into. It's really funny and has lots of hot naked women.
  5. I originally refused to watch them too. Then after a several year break from the show I caught some on the TV and they weren't bad as a stand alone show. I mean if you pretend they aren't X-Files they aren't bad.
  6. Yeah I have seen some episodes with that Mulder replacement. Super indestructible solders or something.

    The monster of the week types show are always good. Hence Buffy, Angel and Supernatural.
  7. Just finished season 1. Really enjoyed it but it only showed glimpses of the government conspiracy. Deepthroat is gone so Mulder and Scully have no one to turn to. Although that man always with Skinner smoking seems a bit suspect.
  8. You can call him cancer man.
  9. Indeed, going the way he smokes them. I knew he was up to something too. Scully abducted and Krytec gone missing. It's all heating up now.
  10. I am finding the Mythology episodes better than the monster of the week ones so I think I will watch those arcs in order before re-watching the monster ones.
  11. I was the opposite - I got quite bored with the long story arc stuff and gave up on it after a few series.
  12. The main story arc is more interesting to me, although some of the monster of the week episodes have been really great.
  13. Just finished watching the last ever episode. really enjoyed the X Files, although the story went a bit down after Mulder and the smoking man left. I guess I will start watching Terra Nova next as Supernatural and The Walking dead are still on breaks.
  14. Terra Nova is garbage. You should watch Breaking Bad.
  15. Is that about the crack head?
  16. It's about a high school chemistry teacher who makes crystal meth on the side.
  17. I am more partial to my adventure, discovery, conspiracy and supernatural side shows really. What is it like, sell it to me?
  18. It's one of the best shows in the history of television. I've never seen another show with writing or acting of this caliber. If you enjoy crime dramas at all, you're doing yourself a great disservice by missing out.
  19. I'll have to check out a trailer or teaser of it or something. I am not really hot on crime dramas.
  20. Neither am I, at least not TV crime dramas. I particularly hate cop shows. But Breaking Bad is more on the level of The Godfather, Goodfellas, or Heat. It's very tightly written and it has impeccable acting. Every other show will look like trash after watching Breaking Bad. I don't even think Dexter or the Sopranos compare all that favorably to it. Bryan Cranston has won the best actor emmy every year this show has been on for good reason. It also holds up very well to repeat watching because the writing is so good. You'll pick up on things you didn't understand or know were important. You'll realize that most TV shows you've seen were shoddily thrown together pieces of crap. Breaking Bad was written from beginning to end before they ever started filming, and it shows. It also goes into some of the science of making crystal meth, and it's supposed to be pretty accurate.

    Season 2 is absolutely amazing. Some of the best television ever.