Those Cheesy Fake Ghost Hunters Shows

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  1. These things seem to be all over TV these days. Every channel has to have one. There's even one on Animal Planet about how dogs can smell ghosts or something. Ghosts don't exist, and these shows are all laughable and totally fake.

    Ghost Hunters: these guys come in with EMF detectors and night vision cameras, and shut off the lights. They start kicking the walls and talking in spooky voices and saying "Did you hear that!?!" Cue dramatic music.

    Psychics: All use a technique called cold reading. They have no supernatural abilities. They're just good at reading body language and facial expressions and manipulating people.

    Psychic Kids: High school kids are pretty dumb to begin with, and these goth kids think they have magic powers. They're all fat, have no friends, and shop at Hot Topic.

    Those ghost story shows where people talk about how they were possessed or their house was haunted: These always have a logical explanation. Usually people are embellishing or outright making things up to get their 15 minutes of fame. I also think in some of these cases people are confusing mental illness with demonic possession. Notice how all of the people who get "possessed" are really religious. I have yet to see one that wasn't a total Jesus freak. That's because they're not possessed. They're delusional, and the delusions understandably take on religious overtones. Doesn't mean there are demons or ghosts. It just means they're batshit crazy and need to be on medication.
  2. We used to have one called Most Haunted and it ran between 2002-2010. It was a compete pile of crap but watching Derek Achorah could make up for that because the guy was a complete arse. They used to have live shows that took up 4 hours of TV time every night for a week or so.

    When Derek got 'possessed' those was really the only bits worth watching just for a laugh. When he left the show just became even less worth watching.

  3. Cold chills, sense of dread and hallucinations can also be caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. Which would explain a lot of the "experiences" in these old houses.
  4. Exactly. The symptoms of CO poisoning match what people experience in haunting cases, namely hallucinations and vague physical symptoms, and it's a known problem with old houses.

    There's always a logical explanation.

  5. Is it true that rumours of a haunting can knock down the sale price of a house in America by a third?
  6. It wouldn't surprise me. More than half of Americans believe in ghosts. We have a real problem with retards in this country.
  7. I heard that little of titbit off of QI. Stephen Fry can speak no wrong.
  8. Man I love QI, that's a great little show! I must say though they do not have enough physics questions for my liking, they always generate the best responses, especially from comedians who attend or that guy with the lisp who almost always gets the questions wrong.
  9. That would be Alan Davies, I don't think he has a lisp though, I liked his old series, Jonathon Creek before it went crap in the last few seaosns with that "other woman". I like it when they have David Mitchell or Bill Bailey on.
  10. It is all bollocks. Just made up for the TV. I have yet to see a Ghost so I don't believe. I only believe in what I see with my eyes.
  11. They're just quite interesting facts, the chatter they have is amusing but everything is researched.