Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Review

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Armadeadn, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. I've been a fan Tiger Woods games for a while now. I played '06 with a friend for over 2 years. I played '07 briefly but thought it was too arcadey. I never played '08 but me and said friend both had '09 on PS3, it was basically '06 but with better graphics. We spotted Tiger 12 in gamestation last weekend and we both bought it on a whim. We didn't like it at first. They slightly changed the controls, and the new addition of the caddy simply set shots up for you, usually offering multiple options. Although this makes choosing your shot easier than ever before they've made taking the actual shots slightly harder to balance it. Now I've had some time to get to grips with it I feel it's on a par (get it?) with '09. When I play with my mates as a pro I still use the controller but when I play as my character I use PlayStation Move. I can actually feel myself getting better with it each time I play and since putting is pretty tricky it's extra satisfying when you sink it for a birdie. The career is better than ever with you earning XP (which can be distributed on attributes ranging from drive power to putting accuracy) as you play nice shots and win events progressing through the amatuer leagues all the way up to the Masters. It's good fun and if you've enjoyed playing previous Tiger Woods games you'll surely like this instalment, once you get used to it. One word of warning though, Tiger really really doesn't look like Tiger in this game. Odd considering that he was represented quite realistically in previous editions.
  2. perhaps their trying to distance themselves from Tiger's recent bad boy antics. Next version may be 'Arnold Palmer AARP Tournament Golf'.