Time to change my gaming affiliation.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Alpolio, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. A new gen is just a few months away and that means that it's time to choose sides. And long time PVC members remember that I've always sided with the underdog. Not because it was stupid but because it was smart. In the early years, I was about the GameCube. Metroid Prime was the best looking FPS of that generation and it still holds up today.

    During the start of the following gen, I tried going with the 360, but the RROD killed that excitement. And I quickly moved to Sony's camp. It was that gen's underdog and as such: it was obviously the best of the bunch. Best gameplay, best graphics, best everything and no RROD. Killzone 2 was my favorite FPS from that generation too. It topped everything the 360 had to offer.

    And this past generation, I picked the Xbox One. It wasn't just an underdog. People actually hated it. I came close to picking the Wii U, but there was more hate on the Xbones side, so M$ won. And, as usual, it paid off in spades! The XBX is the most powerful console on the planet. Just look at what Red Dead Redemption 2 looks like running on real hardware!

    Today it's time to pick a new winner for my rampant trolling. And after careful consideration, I've picked the... (insert drum roll please) ... The PlayStation 5! Yep. Sony's got that underdog feeling this time around. Just listen to the news from a PS5 fanboy...

    Microsoft is buying up everything thus leaving Sony in 3rd place. But it won't matter... you know... because of Minecraft. So I'm backing Sony. Just like that idiot.
  2. Mmmm I dunno. I think you failed by skipping the Wii U. It still has haters but it was a good system.
  3. Most games are multiplatform these days. May as well just get a PC. The consoles have basically become closed system PCs running AMD hardware. Even the "exclusive" games like Halo and Horizon Zero Dawn now come out on PC eventually. I can't even think of any games off the top of my head that I missed this last gen by going PC only. You could even play WiiU/Switch stuff like Zelda Breath of the Wild using emulators. But I guess PC wouldn't be your choice if you want an underdog. PC is the king of gaming platforms.
  4. I do have a Switch, which is the #1 seller right now. I have always owned a handheld system. And since Sony took their Vita and went home mad, Nintendo wins that category by default.

    I suppose that I could drop all support for the new gen and back Nintendo Switch whole heartily. Like cmdrmonkey said, most console games are getting PC ports with Switch being forced into emulation. And you can't really play a PC in the truck on lunch break or in the toilet at the house. You can, but I had one of those laptops -- it's just a desktop with a foldable screen that gets an hour on a charge. So owning a real Switch is a must buy for portability alone.
  5. Ever play Luigi's Mansion 3? I'm considering getting it. I remember seeing the original on the GameCube and thinking it looked pretty good.
  6. I want Luigi's Mansion 3 very badly, but I've been holding out for a sale. Luigi's Mansion was my first GameCube game, so this is a must have for me. I think that I'm going to cave in and get it anyway, because it'll never go on sale.
  7. Agreed. I've never seen it on sale and probably never will.
  8. I enjoyed Luigi's Mansion 3, played it through on 2 player with the child.

    Probably not as good as the original but a good game none the less.
  9. You should apply this logic to everything you do in life, maybe even become a life coach and help people turn their life around with the 'pick the underdog' plan.

    Instead of buying a house in a nice neighbourhood, buy one in the biggest shit hole you can find because, that area deserves a chance too right? Only eat at restaurants you don't like from now on, only go to the dentist with the worst reviews on Google.

    Underdogs FTW.
  10. It's a pretty easy decision if you have a gaming PC and like VR. PC is my main gaming machine and Pro had a lot of nice first party and VR software I couldn't find elsewhere. Probably sticking with PC as my main gaming platform and PS5 as secondary platform for first party and VR software again next gen.