Toilet Simulator = GOTY

Discussion in 'monkeyCage' started by cmdrmonkey, Oct 29, 2014.


    It has Oculus rift support. Now it just needs smellovision support for a fully immersive experience. Toilet slave DLC coming soon.
  2. It would have been nice if it had more bathroom options. Looks like it's just the one bathroom.
  3. It should have a truck stop or train station bathroom.
  4. Really there is unlimited potential. I'm thinking cruise ship, military latrine, campground outhouse, Turkish toilet, county fair porta-potty. The simulation could start outside the bathroom, like at a bar with some friends when bad buffalo wings suddenly hit. Give the player 30 seconds to make it to the toilet on time.
  5. It should have an entire DLC entitled Taco Bell: The Doritos Locos Experience. Press 3 to discharge molten butt lava. Press 4 to groan in pain. Press 5 to sigh with relief.
  6. Surprisingly, this seems like a real Gamer Chat topic... I would play the Taco Bell mod and compare it's realism.

    But what was even more surprising was that Mobile Dongles was also a legit thread.
  7. Pewdiepie will be right up for this shit!

    And shut up Supergay it was a legit question thread. Belive.