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  1. I'm surprised no one has talked about this here. Once again, Ubi surprised everybody at E3 with another brand new title out of left field.

    They didn't really say much other than it's coming to "next-gen consoles" so it doesn't really say much if it's coming to Wii-U or PC.

    There's alot going on in this gameplay footage, but just some highlights, their first shootout is against AI. The UAV flying in is controlled by a player on a tablet (you can see it labeled TABLET next to his username). Near the end, it goes all out into PVP. The map zooms out and you see a ton more squads in the city.

    This gives us the question as to what exactly this game is. MMO subscription based? Ubi did confirm that it is an RPG style game (player progression).

    I was sad that there was no Rainbow Six Patriots at E3 but this more than made up for it.
  2. This game looks amazing. Did someone say best graphics at E3? I'm not sure about all this tablet pushing the games developers seem to be pushing on us (Dead Rising 3 was another example) but we'll have to wait and see just how much of a gimmick it is.
  3. Oh it's a huge gimmick, but when they can make a little bit more money on the side, how can you blame them? Say something like 99 cents for an app and they'll have quite a bit of purchases.
  4. Looks nice.
  5. It looks amazing, the detail and the overall feel of the world is another level.

    I don't think I want to play ANY MMO though. I need games to finish. MMO and F2P games with constant new goals are just too geared towards trying to make people addicted. I'm not into that.
  6. Wow, Snowdrop does look rather good. Quite the battle of the graphics engines these days...
  7. not sure if anyone else has access to the closed beta this weekend but this has been quite fun. the city is a bit more open than I thought. you can climb fences and get access into some alleyways. it also has weapon modification like your typical Tom Clancy game.
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    I didn't see the nvidia beta key give away until it was too late.

    Also looks pretty demanding. Would need a Fury or 980Ti just to get 40 fps.

  9. I was watching The Division on Twitch today. It didn't look all that terrific. Also watched some Far Cry Primal. That looked pretty good but the leaked reviews say it isn't.
  10. good ol the division launch was a massive failure. 12:30am and it killed their entire server system dragging their website down with it. yep, you can't even get to
  11. "When society falls we rise", "When everything collapses, your mission begins"

    Isn't it ironic, don't you think?
  12. I bought The Division for PS4. I thought the Dark Zone was a very clever way to handle PvP, and it was very intense in the Beta. It was also fun to play with a few friends in PvE co-op who don't play competitive multiplayer games. The RPG elements don't bother me at all considering action/ RPG is mostly what I've been playing in recent years.
  13. This game is ridiculous. the amount of detail they put in the game makes me think that they delayed it a year to randomly add small details to the game world. if you played the beta, ubi made a ton of graphics updates since then. this game sort of wrecks my 980ti at 1440p. i got nvidia gameworks features enabled (pcss+ and ambient occlusion) at ultra details and it goes 30-50fps depending on where i am.
  14. Ubisoft is claiming The Division is the best selling game ever. Ubisoft should thank Bungie for fucking up so catastrophically to help make this happen.
  15. I'm noticing the gamer reviews are a lot lower than the pro reviews. 74/PS4, 65/PC, 68/Xbox. Most common complaints are repetitive game play, bad AI, clunky controls.
  16. IGN and Gamespot still haven't reviewed it. That's not a good sign. I bet Ubisoft handed them big wads of cash to delay their (most likely) negative reviews.
  17. press didn't get special treatment for this game. they had to wait until launch day to play just like every other person. and it's not a standard on the rails shooter. they'd have to play through the entire game, quest by quest to level cap, and experience the end game tasks to do a proper review.
  18. I'm loving The Division so far. But I also loved Destiny for the first few months and then I realised how much of that game I hated. I'm cuatiously optimistic about this though, hopefully they won't be ripping us off with DLC and hoepfully the game doesn't end up boiling down to doing the same few tasks over and over again. Combat is fun and working as a team really plays more of a part here than in Destiny.

    If Destiny's combat was Call of Duty then The Division's is Gears of War.
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    Is the full game better than the beta? I'm bored of gaming at the moment, and this is the first totally new IP from a big company that I've seen in awhile. But the beta was really meh. The extremely high sales of this game have me curious though.