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  1. Tomb Raider is getting a reboot as you may already know but a pre E3 trailer has appeared. It doesn't show any gameplay but gives you idea of what the game is about with some plot.

    I really hope they get this one right. Crystal Dynamics have done OK with the previous two and the anniversary edition but nothing fantastic. After their work on the Legacy of Kain series I was definitely expecting more and being a TR fan of old this will be a buy, lets just hope it doesn't disappoint. There hasn't been a truly excellent TR game now since TR4 (Core) which was a long time ago, time for them to step up or I may completely lose faith in the series.
  2. Yeah I saw this trailer this morning. That's some mighty fine FMV to be sure, but would you expect any less from Square? I don't like the way developers make new games in a franchise but call them by the same name the original was. Examples; Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat. Now if someone is talking about Tomb Raider we all have to say "which one?" same with Mortal Kombat. I saw a lot of comments on youtube for this vid and so many people are gettting super psyched about this game saying it's going to be amazing and such, we haven't even seen the game running, it could be crap for all we know. I'm interested but I'll wait 'til I see the actual gameplay before casting judgement. I loved TR1, 2, 3 and TLR. Angel of Darkness was crap but I feel TR: Legend (PS2) was the best. Let's hope they can top it.

    I also don't like the way Lara's had a breast reduction. Make 'em big like they used to be God dammit!
  3. It's a nice looking teaser, but waaaaaay too heavy handed with the water /birth/rebirth metaphors. And the 'Lost' style ending is a bit of a clunker. It's sort of like the marketing department for the game is saying: "Ladies, it's going to be like Titanic meets Lost! Guys, Lara is going to get wet alot and strap on a ninja blade!"
  4. Is that really a bad thing though?
  5. I don't know...I just feel somewhat leery of a trailer centered around the "rebirth" of the franchise immediately referencing TV shows that are already in the rear-view of popular culture.
  6. I think you're reading too much into it mate.

    Jus' look at dem purdy pickytures!
  7. Preciely my sentiments.
  8. C'mon...Lara looks like she's drowned early in the clip, then inexplicably springs back to life in order to be stranded on a mysterious island with a wrecked plane and antique ship. It's straight out of Lost. It just makes me wonder if that's the sum total of their "reboot" ideas. Hopefully not, but it's pretty lame if it is.
  9. But their releasing a macintosh version with an ios spinoff in the works!!
  10. With the Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver games, they had the advantage of having Amy Henig as director. She's now with Naughty Dog as one for the top "dogs" on the Uncharted series.

    I wish they Crystal Dynamics would license Kain/Soul Reaver to Naughty Dog/Sony. Soul Reaver would look sick using Naughty Dog's game engine. Dream project that will probably never happen.
  11. All games should be given to naughty Dog!
  12. I thought Tomb Raider Legends was a reboot? I thought that and Underworld were pretty good. This looks like it's an action/adventure on a remote tropical island, like Uncharted, if it's half as good, I'll like it.
  13. Seems pointless without a nude raider patch. The only reason anyone played Tomb Raider was to see boobies and ass jiggling.
  14. They didn't jiggle when I was "playing" the game.
  15. They were supposed to be but they did not seem like it. great games though, especially Underworld.
  16. The question is: if that's what the game is about, why would they need to claim it's a "reboot". That isn't really much of a twist from the original series.
  17. The main element of this reboot seems to be reinventing Lara; making her more real, more fragile as well as including more realistic tits.
  18. More realistic tits? Check.


    Making Lara more fragile? Not so much...unless Crystal Dynamics definition of fragility involves Olympic level long jumping ability.

  19. A gameplay demo is available from last nights conference.

    Looks more like an Uncharted game than a Tomb Raider game from what was shown.
  20. The last issue of Edge showed a more fragile Lara - she's cut up, bruised and looks scared. To further add to the gritty realism, she even has dirty tits.