Total Recall 2012

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  1. Get your ass to mars remake has a trailer for a trailer. I guess this would just be a teaser.

    There better be some beautiful triple tittes in this movie.
  2. Bryan Cranston (from Breaking Bad) plays Cohaagen, the villain of the film, so this will be a must watch.

    I'm not a fan of Colin Farrell, but he was actually pretty entertaining as a douchebag in Fright Night, so who knows. Maybe he can put aside the hookers and blow long enough to turn in a decent performance. He was considered a promising actor after Minority Report, but he got heavily into drugs and his career fizzled out.
  3. I'm starting to get REALLY tired of trailers that recycle that same percussion soundtrack approach. It was cool for Battlestar Galactica, but it's pretty damn cliche now. That said, this didn't LOOK as bad as I thought it might.
  4. It's got all the classic staples of a good trailer. Explosions, robot men, cars and naked man back.
  5. It doesn't have Arnie pulling a tracking device put of his nose or doing the face thing at the end so it's not going to be as good, and if it's not going to be as good why bother remaking it?
  6. Farrell is not the real Quaid.

  7. Knew you'd chime in here some time :|
  8. It had just dawned on me that this is a trailer for a trailer....
  9. Re: Re: Total Recall 2012

    I'm actually really surprised that they remade this movie. It doesn't seem like the type of movie that needs it. i think a good amount of the younger crowd has seen it already too.

    i assume it's going to come at a different angle.. probably a straight up serious movie.
  10. Apparently it's a straight up adaption of the book. Verhovens movie just took cues and ideas from it and made an Arnie Action Spectacular...the cast in the remake looks decent though so it might be entertaining in a completely different way to the original.
  11. Weird...according to the Total Recall wiki, they had a Total Recall 2 script for Schwarzenegger as Quaid that was based on a short story written by Philip K. Dick: The Minority Report. That script was then later heavily modified into the Speilberg directed film starring Tom Cruise.
  12. I loved the original for what it was though, even it wasn't very faithful to the original Philip K Dick story. It was good, over the top fun with a mind bending concept. Arnie looked like he had a lot of fun with it. It holds up well to repeat viewings. You can either interpret it as an awesome spy themed vacation, or as Quaid actually being a spy who had his memories altered to create the perfect mole. And you'd be right either way because there's plenty of evidence for both interpretations.

    The original is one of the best 80s/early 90s action movies. I think the only way to do a new Total Recall movie is to go back to the source material and do something completely different.
  13. Weirdly, for a "dumb" action movie, that was what I liked most about the original. The uncertainty about whether he was dreaming or not.

    The more I watch it the more I think that he really was having a "schizoid embolism" and it was his fantasy holiday gone wrong. There's the whole blue sky on Mars at the end and the fact that the love interest he designed at Recall looked just like the one he met on mars. The big one, (and perhaps most subtle), was where the Recall Dr. came to see him and told him that if he killed him "the walls of reality would come crashing down" and the next thing a bulldozer comes through the wall.

    Anyway, it's good that a movie like the original Total Recall still raises questions 20 years later...I wonder if the remake will?
  14. indeed, i loved it for what it was for being its take on a pkd story. some of the over the top stuff was done really well. to this day, i still picture quaid and his woman's face when they get sucked out into mars and the faces... oh their faces..
  15. But he had dreamed of Melina before he ever went to Rekall, suggesting he had remnants of his memories with her. And how do we know the doctor trying to talk him down wasn't working for Cohaagen trying to confuse him? Cohaagen apparently had some elaborate plan to create the perfect mole who wouldn't even know he was a mole. Why was the doctor sweating?

    There's another interpretation too, which is that the vacation didn't go wrong at all and Rekall wanted to make everything seem as real as possible. What better way to do that than make Doug think his real life was just a dream?

    This looks a lot more like its taking cues from the original movie than I thought.

    Weirdly though, I think it looks pretty decent.

    The more i think about it, the more it reminds me of a Sci-Fi Bourne..which I kinda want to see. Also, Bryan Cranston plays I'm so fucking there to see this.
  17. It looks decent. Is the Michael Ironside/Richter character even in this one? I thought he was a pretty good bad guy.
  18. I think Richter is being played by Ethan Hawke :S
  19. No shit.. this is actually up there with Prometheus for me.. I really really want to see this now.