Total Solar Eclipse 2017

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  1. Is anyone going to see this? I'm about 3 hours away from it's direct path. I'm considering driving to go see it but I'm a little worried about traffic. I'm not really sure what to expect. Will the roads be busy or will they be insane? I was thinking I'd find a good spot on the highway to pull over and pitch a canopy. Maybe I'd bring a stove to make lunch or something. If that sounds weird it's because it's in Wyoming and I don't think anyone will care.

    This is what it looks like for several miles in any direction under the path of the eclipse.,-106.5589149,3a,75y,302.38h,88.86t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s9-_4jjMtNiqtxm4K2YOJ6A!2e0!6s//!7i13312!8i6656
  2. How was it? - Please post pics if you can!
  3. Doesn't happen until Aug 21st. You're going to see a billion pictures all over the Internet. The last big one across the US was in 1979. Long before everyone had a digital camera. I might take a selfie but that's it. I'm more likely to record video. It's only going to last 3 minutes so I don't want to waste time looking at camera screen.
  4. I considered driving up to South Carolina. I can get there in about 3 hours. But I am also worried about traffic and whether it is worth it.

    We did order some solar glasses though. They are back-ordered, but next shipment should be in about 2 weeks.
  5. I got a bunch of glasses too. Regardless of where I go they will be used. I'm hoping the state will put out some information about places people can and cannot gather.
  6. My issue with driving is that the driving will be a nightmare with all the people there. I-95 gets backed up in middle of no where South Carolina on a normal day, so the added traffic doesn't sound pleasant. You also can't get hotel rooms because the areas have been all booked in advance for years anticipating this eclipse.

    I'm in Jacksonville FL, so I won't get the full eclipse, but pretty darn close. I'll probably just stay put and enjoy the show.
  7. I chickened out. Wyoming has about 600,000 people living there and they said it may get another 600,000 tomorrow. My friend went up with a camper a few days ago and invited me to come but I still wont do it. One bad crash and the whole state is screwed.

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