Twin Peaks returns in 2016

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  1. Whoah! This is almost like a Led Zeppelin world tour announcement…
  2. Never watched Twin Peaks, it is on Syfy all the time but never even bothered to record it.
  3. Twin Peaks is a weird show. It starts off bad, gets really good for awhile, and then gets bad again. I never finished it.
  4. I only remember the face in the knob.
  5. I think it's mostly known now for being one of the first TV shows with long story arcs. Prior to Twin Peaks most shows were episodic in nature. In a post Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones world we kind of take that for granted.
  6. Personally, I think it was great up until the resolution of what actually happened to Laura Palmer, which was about midway through the second season. I don't think they really knew what to do with it after that and it showed.
  7. If memory serves, network executives and producers were annoying Lynch and poking their noses into the direction the show should take, predictably fucking a significant portion of the second season up. When he became less involved, the quality dropped noticeably. When he gets more involved later in the second season towards the end, the quality jumps back up again. You can see the ratings of individual episodes rise and fall, and they usually coincide with how involved Lynch was at the time. It was actually the network that pressured Lynch to wrap up Laura's story earlier than planned. He did not intend for it to turn out that way. Jerkoff network executives always think they know better than the people who actually have the talent to make something like this.
  8. I've always wondered if Fire, Walk With Me was intended as an FU to the network TV shenanigans. It's just so much darker and negative relative to the TV show, as if they were trying to burn the bridges and really kill off the Twin Peaks world. That's one of the reasons I'm VERY surprised to see a possible revival from the original creators.
  9. No, I think the story behind Laura's death was very dark, and Lynch was less constrained by TV standards to tell it. He definitely pushed the envelope about as far it had been for network TV with the scene with Madeline in particular. I think Lynch and Frost had pretty much sworn off network TV after the Twin Peaks experience due to their meddling with season 2.

    Lynch now has alternatives on TV that weren't available in the 80s or 90s. You can make TV shows as gritty and dark as movies if you go to HBO or the more recent online ventures like Netflix and others producing their own shows.
  10. I don't necessarily agree. I got the impression that they enjoyed doing the lighter/quirkier/funnier aspects of the TV version as a contrast to the darker content. When those elements were removed from Fire, Walk With Me, I don't think it really worked as well. The dark side just became too oppressive, which is why I wondered if they just consciously scuttled the ship with that one.
  11. So it's going to be a 9 episode run on Showtime, with Frost writing all nine and Lynch directing all nine. Setting will be present-day Twin Peaks, so it sets up a likely mix of new/classic characters and actors…and hopefully Angelo Badalamenti will be doing some new music for it.
  12. Sounds good. it always seemed like a show that should have been on HBO or Showtime, and that was held back from reaching its potential by being on network TV. I liked the Laura Palmer storyline once that got going, but I felt like the show really lost its way after that.
  13. I think this is fantastic news and an excellent format for Lynch and Frost. It's probably going to be darker and weirder due to having less network censorship to worry about, which is fine by me. I'm very relieved to know the creators are going to be directly involved in every episode this time.

    Badalamenti is definitely needed. His work on the Twin Peaks series and Fire Walk With Me was fantastic.