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  1. What are you UK'ers gonna do? The US media makes it seem like a doom and gloom where citizens want out but the politicians want to stay in. How big a deal is it for the average person?
  2. It is a big deal and it's been very divisive. I'm voting remain in the EU, as the alternative bunch seem to be a complete bunch of right wing neo con cunts who pretend to care about things like the NHS whilst scaremongering idiots about immigration, mainly.
  3. Have to stay in the EU. It will ruin this country if we leave.
  4. Agreed. Choosing to remain. Can only imagine more job losses if we leave.
  5. I'm voting leave because I'm a massive racist.

  6. lol... shows how much I pay attention. Had no idea jobs were impacted. Thought it was just about traveling around the Europe without having to get separate visitor VISAs.
  7. it also has to do with consumer rights
  8. Looking like the UK's going to fuck up and vote leave. Seems scaring poor and ignorant people worked a treat; like fucking turkeys voting for Christmas.
  9. Sounds like you guys are going to have a shit Friday morning.
  10. Scaring poor and ignorant people is a viable strategy. I suspect it may also work for Trump.
  11. Didn't see that coming when I fell asleep, this may cause a snowball effect across the EU with some in France and Holland demanding their own referendum.

    Also to be objective the remain camp had their own fair share of scaremongering, apart from suggesting we would all be molested by the ghost of jammy Saville they tried everything in the book.
  12. Were fucked. The best thing to come from this is Cameron quitting as PM.
  13. Although I wasn't expecting the UK to vote out I don't believe we are fucked. Things may be a little rockier to start with but do you really think all of the European countries will want to end trade deals?

    This is why we live in a democracy, the people decide and in this case the people have chosen to go. To be honest with you I have always had issues with parts of the EUs mentality myself, I don't believe in an ever closer union or that the un-elected sitting in another country should have power over another country.

    The country has voted out and now we have to make the best of it, the only question is will it be Boris or Gove? Gove is a complete toss pot who has already fucked up schools so I really hope not.
  14. Switzerland and Norway are not a part of EU and they are doing well for themselves so I believe we will be fine. Boris or Gove as PM is worrying though. :/ We have two years to sort things out anyway before we are fully gone supposedly? Old people were the majority vote to leave so our future will be down to them but they don't care as they wont be around as long as us younger generation.
  15. The leave lot are already backtracking on stopping immigrants and that £350 million extra for the NHS. What a fucking surprise. The economy's all the place. Just great. Nice to see the older generation continue to be self-obsessed leaches.
  16. Yall been Trumped.
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    I can understand why people voted for Brexit. I would not be happy if my government was sending billions of dollars to a government in Brussels I had no say in electing. Americans fought a war of independence against that kind of thing. I think people are also getting tired of living in a weak pussy country when Britain used to be a world spanning empire. I also would not want to be taking in a bunch of Syrian refugees. I know many of them are victims, but it is also so easy for ISIS to slip in agents and fuck shit up. Voting for Brexit is also a big fuck you to the world political establishment, which I can totally understand.

    I think people are underestimating Trump the same way they underestimated Brexit. A lot of people are extremely pissed off at the political establishment and see voting for a Trump as a way to say fuck you. I'm actually starting to lean towards voting for Trump. Not because I agree with him (I voted for Sanders in the primary), but because he would be a destructive, chaotic force that would send a message to the corrupt political establishment in Washington that we are tired of their bullshit. Don't want to listen to us? Fine, we'll vote in an orange reality TV clown who will burn everything to the ground. A vote for Hillary is a vote for more of the same. Sanders could have actually made things better, but the corrupt Democratic Party with their superdelegates and Wall Street donors made sure he was never going to happen, and I'd rather not vote than vote for Shillary. She's the embodiment of a crooked career politician with pockets full of dirty Wall Street money,
  18. The old generation, who probably have another fifteen years in then have screwed this all up. I was genuinely surprised to see that 70 percent of the age group 16-25 voted to stay in.

    I work for one of the big four audit firms, the whole day was spent on ensuring clients that nothing shall change......fat chance now.
  19. I'm on another forum where most of the UK'ers wanted to vote out of the EU. They didn't come off racist but I'd say they sound a bit like idealists. But interestingly, they complained of the same scaremongering coming from the stay in the UK campaign tricking young and poor voters.