Ultraviolet or Itunes

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by bfun, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Many Blurays now come with digital copies and give you a choice of Ultraviolet or iTunes. Whats your preferred digital service? I've never used Ultraviolet but I have android devices so it seems like a better choice.
  2. Bittorrent. Who still pays for movies in 2015 other than old people?
  3. I buy some movies to support the project but it usually stays in the shrink wrap. I will still watch a downloaded copy as it's more convenient... if you really want one go with iTunes as Apple's influence typically benefits the consumer.
  4. Neither. If I want to have a digital copy of a movie I own on disc I'll make it myself. Ultraviolet seems to have a few too many hoops you need to jump through and I'm not interested in using itunes.
  5. I skipped Blu-Ray as a format, but I have had a couple of DVDs that came with an Ultraviolet. I don't think I ever made use of it.
  6. This!

    Not payed for a film since I was 17. Only films I pay for is the ones who I go to see at the cinema.
  7. you guys are all scumbags
  8. I prefer to be called villainous thieving pirate scum.

    Hollywood is full of greedy hacks anyway. Like they need the money. I just upgraded my internet connection so I can steal worthless content from those worthless greedy Hollywood hacks even faster. Nothing gives me a bigger boner than to fuck Hollywood in the ass


  9. I don't buy many movies for myself because I almost never watch a movie twice. 80% of my collection is Disney and kids stuff. The combo packs are totally worth it. Bluray for in the house. DVD for the car entertainment system. Digital for the iPads. I get them when they are on sale and the convenience is worth it.