upcoming game :Rage

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by CaptainScarlet, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. never heard of this game before

    here's is the link with the trailer
    Looks interesting ,reminds me Doom but in Earth.
  2. It's a big title.. probably reminds you of doom cuz it's from the same devs, id software. Also, it's multiplatform.. coming to PS3 and PC too.
  3. I'm surprised you havent heard if it, it's been talked about for about a year already. There are iPhone versions which showcase the tech
  4. So this means that this game is a sequel?
  5. No, it's not been released yet, the rage on iPhone is more of a spin off, shooter aka time crisis. Showing off their Rage tech on the iOS
  6. This trailer makes me think of borderlands vs fallout.


    I've never played a game by id that I didn't love and apart from that POS Wet I've never played a game from bethesda I didn't love. I have high hopeses!