Update wiped my laptop

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  1. So last night I was told a new update had to happen but I clicked on remind me later. Later that night when I turned the Laptop off it did the updates and apon turning it on today it installed it and then said it couldnt find my cdrive/desktop and everything I had on it is gone.

    Rolling back does nothing it just resets to a loop. The laptop never saved recovery points for some reasin and clicking on the windows vol 3 under rollback brings me to a black desktop with just a recycle bin and nothing.

    Supposedly there is a bug in it. I will have to reinstall win10 and deal with losing everything right? Also, the laptop has been really slow when booting up and takes like 6/10 minutes to load up properly. Will reinstalling make it fast again like o
    It originally was?

  2. Wooooooow. How the hell did that happen? You sure it was the update? I'd go straight to Microsoft hq if that happened to me

  3. Checked online says its happened to other people as well. My sisters updated fine.

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    My guess would be that your hard drive was already failing. Slow booting is a symptom of a failing mechanical hard drive. The update was the coup de gras that finally killed the drive.

    Now would be a good time to replace it with an SSD. They are much faster and have much lower failure rates than mechanical hard drives. I've owned lots of SSDs of various brands and sizes. I've never had one fail. It will make your laptop boot in under ten seconds instead of ten minutes. An SSD is the biggest upgrade you can make to any modern computer.
  5. Never had any problems before the Laptop is only 3 years or so old too. Reinstalling windows now see how it goes.

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    If it's taking 10 minutes to boot, it is having problems. Even with a mechanical hard drive, booting should only take maybe 40 seconds or so. Your drive has failed.

    Have you checked the drive for SMART errors? With 10 minute boot time, I guarantee you it's riddled with bad sectors.

    Still selling PCs with mechanical hard drives for boot drives should be illegal. Even 3 years ago it should have come with an SSD. I can't even use a PC that doesn't have an SSD anymore. I refuse to. They are just so slow and horrible by comparison.

    Get an SSD. It will change your life.
  7. How do you check for errors? And by 10 mins I mean its just really slow after turning it on until its loaded up the desktop and apps etc. After that everything's fine as normal.

  8. What kind of laptop is it? Most laptops have utilities built into them now.

    Shouldn't take that long for stuff to start working, even with a HDD. You know how long my PCs take to boot? Literally about 8 seconds. And there is no loading. Everything is instantly usable. And my SSDs are older and not even that fast compared to what's out now. Just get an SSD and prepare to have your mind blown.

    The 500GB Samsung 850 and 860 EVO drives are a no brainer.
  9. I had a similar problem with the last W10 update. Install any remaining updates and reboot. Worked for me.
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    I reinstalled win10 and everything was fine. All my old files were backed up in a file called windows old. Log in seemed faster again. So just copying everything back over into place.

    If it trys to update again I will cancel it until its fixed. My sister said something about AVG and avast helped towards the bug or something too.

    Edit: Or not, the program files part was obviously corrupted but that was only my emulators and apps like PS4 remote play so easily re- downloaded and sorted I guess. Films, pictures and stuff are still there and moved out. What a palaver.