Upgrading to Windows 8.1

Discussion in 'Technology' started by supersonic, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Any cheap deals on 8.1? I thought it was like $15-20... My parents got a new PC with Windows8. They can't figure it out. Neither can I.

    Is 8.1 the fastest way to fix this abomination?

    I have Win7cd but don't want to spend all day downloading individual drivers...
  2. Can't figure out what exactly?

    8.1 upgrade is free. Go to the Windows Store.
  3. Thanks! found it. Getting an error and need to go into settings to check Windows update queue. The right hand screen menu isn't populating. Is there another way to settings?
  4. Are you moving the mouse to the bottom right and then up?

    Windows Key + I

    There are several ways to get to Control Panel.
  5. Nope. Didn't know that was just frantically moving my mouse over the right side area... Should be able to Google my way to the finish line now. Thank you sir!
  6. This thing was a lost cause... Endless update failure / retry loops. Seemingly unsupported 8.1 update problems. Microsoft's solution in many of their support threads were to link random users trial and error results. Some which helped but resulted in a failure down the line.

    Sadly, I would've had more than enough time to just install W7 and individual drivers by now. I'll probably use the recovery to do a fresh 8 install and try to upgrade that tomorrow for one last try.
  7. MS wont let you install 8.1 until 8 is up to date. I had to do it with a friends new PC and it was a hassle. It takes a few hours and several reboots.
  8. 8.1 has some incompatibility issues with some systems. Dell was aware of this and stated they couldn't support some systems if users wanted to update to 8.1

    My Alienware M11x was one of these machines and I just stuck with windows 8 on it.
  9. Everything seemed to have updated overnight... we are good to go on 8.1! The start menu isn't what I expected, guess I'll still have to go with a 3rd party option.
  10. Why do you need a start menu?
  11. Actually, I forgot to install the old style start menu before I left... I'm sure they'll figure it out.
  12. Without a third party option, you don't ever get a traditional start menu. What you get is a button where the start menu used to be that launches the tiles menu, but now there is a dedicated button to open the apps menu from the tiles. It's better than vanilla 8, but it's still very redundant. I'm looking forward to Windows 10 so I can put my windows 8 experience behind me. I was stupid enough to do a day one update.
  13. win 10 does the same but instead of doing it in an entire new screen, it does it within desktop.
  14. Not having to leave the desktop is huge.
  15. I was just making sure you knew that as you mentioned traditional start but it really isn't. functionality is still the same as in win8.