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  1. Recently realized my USB slots were not working properly and that they would not pick up anything. I have tried with a controller and my phone but it just comes up with a message saying "USB device not recognized (device device descriptor request failed) and the controller and phone don't show up like they used to.


    I have tried troubleshooting the problem and it has said it is fixed then it goes back to the above picture when I plug it in after restarting. I have tried uninstalling and both re-plugging it back in and restarting so it the computer re-installs it but the problem stays. I have tried different cables and one only picks up the USB not recognized and wont charge my phone or light up my PS4 controller, while the second charges up my phone and lights up my PS4 controller but does not pick up USB not recognized. I have tried updating drivers and they are all up to date. No updates using my HP support assistant either.

    It's not the biggest problem in the world but if I want to put music on my phone or emulate using my DS4 I cant unless I fix this and I have been searching around google for help and fixes for a while now but nothing works.

    Any idea what I should do?

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  2. I have just tried a USB keyboard and that picked it up straight away and I could use it. The other 2 USB slots have worked as well. Why are the other wires not working if this one can?
  3. Have you looked at the bios yet? I don't know what to look for but it seems like a good next step.
  4. So, it might be off or something in there? I'll have a look.
  5. So I tried using my sisters laptop to check both wires and they both failed on that, so I tried her usb wire in hers and my laptop and both picked up and worked straight away. The problem was my wires all along which is weird as they still work charging up my PS4 controller and phones and tablets, and in the past worked fine on my USB ports.

    I will just have to buy a decent USB wire and hope its not a cheap or dodgy one.
  6. Cables matter. I ran my own power test on all the charging cables I had. The cables that came with the phones were always the best. Don't lose those. Monoprice premium cables were a very close second. Amazon basics were pretty good and so were many of the other most expensive cables sold. The relation between performance and price was pretty obvious. Cheap cables suck.
  7. Same experience. Avoid the really cheap offbrand Amazon reseller and Ebay USB cables.
  8. USB uses different lines for power and data, just because the power lines are good doesn't mean the data ones are. Later versions of USB have added more pins but in the past middle two were data and outer power.

    My best cable is the one that came with my PS4, that gets closest to the theoretical output of most chargers when I use it with phones.
  9. One was a PS4 charger but I don't think it was an official Sony one. Maybe I will just get a Sony one off Amazon.
  10. The cable that came with my PS3 seems to be the only one that charges my controllers.
  11. Sony wired PS3 controllers weird which is why you need a special driver to use them with a PC, they did something funky to make the USB port as proprietary as possible.

    You can't even plug the PS3 controllers into a wall outlet and get them to charge.
  12. Found one on amazon for £6 and looks more sturdy and less cheap than what I usually get. Just worried I'll buy one and it won't work.

    Need to scouse my Sisters from her place Haha.

  13. New usb wire came yesterday(more expensive and more official looking, less reason to be dodgy) and it worked straight away. It came with a second one which surprised me so I should be good in this department for quite a long time.