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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Armadeadn, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. I saw this video of Gunns4hire talking about a Sony rumour that's emerged. Check it out.

    If this turns out to be true I'll be pissed off. I buy almost all my games used not because I can't afford to buy games brand new but because you can get 3 or 4 pre-owned games for the price of a brand new one. Money grabbing bastards wanting more money. Someone told me EA do it because they're losing out on money because pre-owned sales go the shop, not the games developers/publishers but they got the money when the game was sold initially so they're losing anything! They just want more and more money because having all the worlds' money is not enough for some companies. If this crime actually happens it will further prove that Sony couldn't care less about their customers.
  2. I heard consoles loose more money on pre-owned sales than illegal copies.
  3. How do they lose money? The must have been sold in the first place for it to now be in the pre-owned section so the developers already got their money, but they want more.
  4. A lost sale is money lost.
  5. Demanding money twice from one product is cuntish. I can't see many people feeling Sony cares about them if this happens.
  6. EA tried this same sort of money grubbing shit on the PC a few years ago with Mass Effect and Spore. They made it so that you could only install the game three times and then you had to buy a new copy. There was so much backlash they backed down. I imagine this will be much the same way if it goes through.
  7. I think they would prefer for everyone to buy new.

    Anyway it sound like BS.
  8. Of course they would prefer it if everyone bought new games but there's a shit ton of games I would never have played if it weren't for pre-owned games, this will only affect sales in a negative way since I'm going to be buying less games now and I bet a lot of other people will be feeling the same.

    Oh yea by the way, it's been confirmed, Sony are dicks.

  9. All the more reason to get into PC gaming and start buying games on Steam. PC games on Steam are cheaper than used console games.
  10. I was pissed at steam for not letting us resell/ loan our games out. Didn't make a lot of sense at first.... but I guess that's what keeps steam's prices down. I've learned, instead of buying used games, buy old games. Games 6 months plus in age are pretty affordable many times. All you gotta do is change the way you think. It still kinda' bites... just not as bad as I'd thought it would.

    In the end though, it just gets stinkier and stinkier as we all start to rely on the cloud more and more.
  11. How can it have a negative effect? Publishers make no money from used game sales. There's nothing to lose.
  12. Steam isn't cloud gaming. Everything is downloaded to your HDD.
  13. downloaded from where eh genius?? lol. No I get where your coming from, we don't PLAY on the cloud, we only store on it. I'm saying if somebody else is given privelidged access to my games THAT is never a good thing. Steam has the right to take it all away at the drop of a dime, whether it's d/led to your computer or not.
  14. Everytime I go into gamestation I can pick from a huge collection of games in the permenant pre-owned 2 for £20 deal. Just a couple of days ago I bought Uncharted and Arkham Asylum both for £20, now I can only take advantage of that offer with single player games.
  15. Sony and Microsoft can do the same thing if you're playing on a console. Hundreds of thousands of 360s have been banned for piracy.
  16. Nah they can only shut down their networks (ie multiplayer games... since theirs is the only networks on said consoles afaik). Even when PSN was shut down you could still play 1-player portion of games.
  17. I've seen plenty of people on the black ops forums who've been caught hacking/cheating and had their consoles banned. Not sure whether this means they can't play black ops at all or they can't play any game at all. All I know is it must be bad because they always come on the forum asking to be unbanned saying it was a mistake and they've learned their lesson blah blah. One guy even said his friend hacked it for him so he wasn't responsible and didn't deserve to be perma banned. What a twat.
  18. I will be playing less games online then.

    Games are just too expensive for me to justify brand new now and £20 pre owned is a good price point for me. I will only buy AAA titles new these days and I won't be buying a single PSN pass, its not as if everyone is feeling flush at the moment, inflation is at crazy levels and peoples real world income is dropping month on month. Can't see Sony getting too much money out of this.

    I will continue to buy games used and forego the ability to play them online.
  19. This is nothing new. Didn't EA start this with the project $10? Companies like Game really take the piss with the abundance and focus on 2nd hand games at shitty prices. I'd hope this would see their prices reduced as a result with hopefully more going to the publishers.
  20. No prices will drop here. It's just a bad move in every respect. Like GUNNS said, prepare for outrage.