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Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by Ichiban, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Do regular users have the ability to just delete threads and posts?

    We need to fix that if they do...
  2. As in their own or everyone else's?
  3. Delete their own threads and posts. I've fixed that. While I'm quite happy that users can edit posts it's a bit silly to let original posters just destroy entire threads with posts in. In this case, natedrake deleted his faggy troll thread in Xbox xtasy and he removed all the good debate posts as well...the asshole. With the stupidity removed it was a decent thread...
  4. Surely as an Admin you have the power to find the deleted thread on the database and reinstate it?

    Although I do hate trolls, Nate is one of the funny type ones who always get owed. Trolls like that bring some good discussions from other people. People like Gripper and who are total twats, well no. You think he is Nenroth?
  5. Nah, he's not Nenroth. But the whole "delete my account please" routine reminded me of that one. Nate is welcome to come back, he just needs to not be a total dick when he's asked to not be one.

    The truth is, this place is in its infancy; it needs everyone to be making decent productive posts or, at least if they're going to troll, they should be the fake and funny kind like the one going on about UK food. All I can see is this place getting over-run by douchewaffles if that kind of crap goes on; I don't want that. Normal forum for the ocassional UK vs US food and fatties thread.
  6. Indeed. Well said. We should stick to your plan then. 99% of this forum do not troll anyway, so if we can keep it and them like that we will keep out of troll related shenanigans.
  7. The UK vs US food debate was me trolling because I find it hilarious seeing you Brits get riled up. It's also hilarious because the US is notorious itself for having a lot of really unhealthy and downright awful food, and it's more of a competition to decide whose food is less awful rather than whose food is actually good. I think everyone knows that thread is a huge joke.

    What natedrake was doing wasn't meant to be fun. It was douchey and meant to piss people off.
  8. Yeah and it's funny. I like it. It's not bothering me...though I think some of my countrymen might be getting reeled in a little...
  9. If any of your countrymen get butthurt, you can just show them this.

    we even make fun of ourselves
  10. You're going to need another Sony Zombie to take his place.

    Did natedrake delete all (30 out of 32) of his posts in every thread?

    Similar things happened in the old forum. No user could delete anything, but there were mass edit attacks. Someone, forgot who, edited all of his recent posts to call me a Nazi.
  11. I think it is a fun thread to be honest, and in the boundaries of a good troll discussion.
  12. No he just deleted the thread he started where he was being a douche. He got really upset when I removed his douche posts and left the non-douche ones in. It had potential to be a good thread about upcoming games for 2011 and two or three of us had some good posts in there. Natedrake was just pissed off that I hijacked his troll thread and turned it into a non-troll thread. However, because we left the option for users to delete entire threads he removed all the posts when he went off in a huff and from what I've seen in the admin panel so far I can't restore it. I've remedied that though by taking that ability away from users.
  13. What happened to his other posts? Only 2 are found.

    natedrake's posts
  14. He's been back to finish the job it seems; they were still there last night. Sly bastard him..
  15. I know he is being a dick, but we as moderators need to keep our cool bud. I am enjoying you two arguing with him so I am going to keep that thread open a bit longer. ;)