Vegan vs Carnivore Debate

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  1. You really should stop consuming soy products and go eat a nice rare grass fed steak cooked in butter. You will feel the manhood re-entering your body.
  2. Ironically, the best steak I’ve ever had was since I’ve gone vegan - a delicious portobello steak (from a wild local source before you accuse me of hypocrisy).
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    You can't be serious. Veganism is extremely unhealthy. It takes the fundamental problem of the modern diet, that it's too high in carbs, and doubles down on it. Fat and protein are good for you. Carbs are not. You also need B vitamins, DHA, and a whole laundry list of things that you basically can't get from plants.

    Also any diet that would have you believe eggs are unhealthy is ridiculous. Eggs are the healthiest thing a human can consume.

    If you really are vegan, you most likely have extremely low testosterone and I'm not even joking. Low T, nutrient deficiencies and eating nothing but sugar has turned you into a cranky mangina.
  4. The world’s strongest man is a vegan. He puts his strength down to all the energy he gets from clean foods such as whole nuts and GM free vegetables. No one needs to eat unborn babies (eggs), strained pus (milk) or flesh. Flesh you say? No one eats flesh, monsly! Think about it; just what is meat? Now you get me.
  5. I have been thinking about going Vegan recently but with the hormone therapy I am currently undergoing as part of my transitioning process I thought it best to do one thing at a time. It's enough dealing with the changes my body is going through at the moment so I'm going to put off the soy for now.
  6. I’ve saved a ton since going vegan. I think only my milk and nut costs have increased; everything else is orders of magnitude cheaper.
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    There's nothing clean about vegetables. They are slathered in pesticides and feces, loaded with antinutrients and inflammatory compounds, and the nutrients they do have are not in easily bioavailable forms. Animal products on the other hand are extremely nutritionally dense and the nutrients are bio available.

    Also lots of animals are killed to farm fruit and vegetables. They get ground up in combines. Run over by tractors. Killed by farmers. But I guess rabbits, voles, and mice don't count.

    There's also a good chance some of the fruits and vegetables you are eating were harvested using slave labor. But who cares about humans right?

    Humans have evolved to consume animal foods. Our bodies are not built to handle large quantities of carbohydrates. The vegan diet is not only unhealthy, but extremely unnatural. Vegans are disconnected from the natural order and live in a fantasy.

    Great series of videos where you can watch vegan after vegan decline in health:

    Lots of great info on this channel about everything wrong with veganism:
  8. Hates meat but styles their vegetarian/vegan products after meat things.
  9. Look at how much she has to go through just to replicate eggs

    I'm sure needing 500 ingredients sourced from all over the world is great for the environment.
  10. My stepfather said the same thing when he went vegan/no fat. Then within two years he developed multiple myeloma. His stem cell treatments were hundreds of thousands of dollars. He's no longer with us, most likely due to this shitty diet.
  11. Yes, but no animal was kept in horrific conditions nor did it had its life giving egg stolen to put on your toast!
  12. I’d imagine if human males laid eggs then we wouldn’t eat them; funny how gender affects even the smallest things when you spend some time thinking about it. Sometimes the biggest sheep wear suits and ties - I.e humans.

    Regarding farming, you just need to make sure you use local farms and producers and eat seasonally. That’s what I do. No onions in December? I’ll eat beetroots instead. No hardship. Makes you more aware of how we’re connected to the natural world. I harvested toadstools from a local woods in autumn (took no more that a quarter, kept it sustainable) and the soup it made was delicious. Everyone at the soup kitchen loved it; sure, most would welcome anything but you could see the surprise on their faces when I told them it was vegan. Love doing that sort of thing.

    Growing your own stuff is also easy; I’ve just had our garden certified as organic (expensive but thankfully it passed) so I know what I grow is as good as it can get. Got my children involved too, really wonderful to see them become little evangelists (their choice, not mine to be clear).
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    Spend a couple bucks more and buy the cage free free range cruelty free brown eggs. I never buy the white eggs. The brown eggs taste better. The chickens are treated better. It’s a win win.

    Or don’t you have free range eggs in Britain? In America it’s getting to the point where decent grocery stores don’t even carry many of the white eggs. My Publix carries about four times as many brown eggs as white. And you have lots of options and can usually look up how they treat the chickens.
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    Lol. These homeless people are starving and you feed them bark and twigs and then virtue signal about it. Fucking lol dude.

    Also veganism is an extremely terrible idea for babies, children, and breastfeeding mothers. Babies have died of malnourishment. It stunts growth and development. Children need protein, fat, and nutrients from animal products for development. DHA is critical and it’s not found in plants in the needed quantites. I hope you don’t have sons. Veganism is going to turn them into low T beta males or incels. I feed my son like the high T alpha male apex predator he is destined to be.
  15. I wouldn't waste your time Monkey Vegans are always right. I don't mind the Vegans it means less people eat meat so more for us carnivores.
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    Their diet is deficient in many things that are needed for a properly functioning brain. When you argue with a vegan, you are arguing with someone who may not be all there mentally, especially if they've been on the diet long term. Go back and watch that video I posted of vegans decline over time and many of them end up mentally ill and in a dementia like state.
  17. No joke, but I've spent the last 4 days trying to go vegan with limited success. I've been eating egg salad but managed to avoid meat. I had a vegan pizza made with couliflour rice that was by far the best "substitute" product.

    WTF you say about it being unhealthy? What if you're actually eating more veggies and cheese and less refined sugar?

    Although I gotta dispute monsly the costs... vegan has be super expensive.
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    It's an extremely nutrient deficient diet. Read that article I just linked to. And those are just nutrients that affect the brain. Plant and animal sources have different forms of vitamins. But in practically every case our bodies are far more efficient at processing the animal forms. It's also a very sugary and starchy diet. High carb consumption is the root cause of metabolic syndrome and the current type 2 diabetes epidemic. Look at what vegans end up eating. It's like dessert for every meal.

    And why on earth would you want to eat less meat? You should be eating more meat, fish, and eggs and cutting back on sugary and starchy foods. Ideally you should be eating mostly animal foods and maybe some low starch vegetables. Fruit isn't even particularly good for you. It's mostly just sugar.

    Vegans basically eat a shit ton of sugar and have severe nutrient deficiencies. It's one of the most unhealthy diets I can think of. The argument that it's natural is also nonsense. Modern fruits and vegetables are nothing like their wild counterparts. Humans throughout most of human history ate mostly meat. Veganism is only possible because of modern agriculture and logistics. But our bodies have not evolved to be able to handle that much sugar and starch.

  19. Lol they love doctors like you on r/keto. As a serial fad dieter I’ve done both before. Honestly felt more energetic and better as vegan but I broke quick. Keto made me feel like crap and feel weak. But it was super easy.

    I try to rotate my diet so my body is used to eating a little of everything.
  20. i'm asian so if it lives, i eat it.