Verizon brings back Unlimited Data

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  1. Kinda sorta. Not exactly on par with their old unlimited. Looks like market saturation is causing more competitive pricing. The subsidies need to come back though. The iPhone 8 may top $1000.

    New plan:
    Unlimited Data, Text, Talk
    22 GB - possible throttling during congestion
    No phone stipend

    Old Grandfathered Plans:
    Unlimited data, text, 500 mins.
    Unlimited with 100 GB soft cap / no throttle
    2 year phone subsidy
  2. You really think they'll actually up the msrp? I don't really see any reason to think they will. It has been base $650, and add $100 each storage tier higher for a very long time.
  3. Just early rumors. It seems like a hard sell, but maybe for a loaded pro model?

  4. I could see the iPhone 8 having a price increase, but the idea that the entry level would be $1,000 is just dumb. Apple increased prices on the MacBook Pro lineup, but it wasn't anything that crazy relative to the previous cost.
  5. Looks like VZW will give you 10GB/month of Mobile Hotspot free with this plan. This is a pretty tempting deal, even without the subsidy. Their service was so on-point when I had the old grandfathered unlimited. Really wished I hadn't abused it, they terminated my account :(
  6. T-Mobile strikes back. I pay $80 + $14 in taxes for 6GB shared between 2 phones. This unlimited plan might actually be cheaper for me since T-Mobile will give back $10 per line if it stays under 2GB which ours always do. It's potentially only $80.

  7. Looks like you'll have to manually remove 480p video throttling every month. Gotta crunch numbers this weekend. I wonder if prices will drop even more if I hold out.

    To be fair, comparing VZW to T-Mobile is laughable. I went on a cross-country road trip and VZW delivered everywhere. T-Mobile goes to shit away from the metros. Sprint roams on the Verizon network which is it's only advantage of T-Mobile, imo.
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    Sprint and T-Mobile are dumpster tier carriers for hood people. The only carriers that are worse are Metro PCS and Boost. Metro and Boost are for drug dealers and prostitutes buying burner phones and people whose credit is so bad they couldn't borrow a library book.

    You pay more for AT&T and VZW because their networks don't vanish the minute you leave a major city.
  9. I was reading that after the 17th HD streaming will only need to be turned on once. Also this latest report matches my experiance out West. I carry both Verizon and t-mobile and coverage and speed are identical. AT&T actually has the best coverage in the BFN areas.
  10. It's actually worse than that. MetroPCS was bought out by tmobile years ago. Tmobile shut down their cdma networks 2 years ago and took over their LTE network. Boost mobile is a prepaid brand. To elaborate, Boost was part of Nextel, who we all know was bought out by Sprint. So basically boost mobile is an mvno using sprint towers.

    There really has always been only 4 major carriers in the US. Verizon, ATT, Tmobile, and Sprint.. and size is in that order. You add tmobile's and sprint's subscriber base together and you get approximately ATT's total subscribers. That's how big the disparity is.
  11. The lack of subscribers is why the speed-tests artificially look better too, Sprint and T-Mobile have great and largely unsaturated networks in the big cities. I can get 47Mbps in manhattan on Sprint Spark, while Verizon clings to the low 20s. But a few miles out in North Jersey VZW will still do in the 20s while Sprint drops into the single digits or into 3G.
  12. Look at this hood person with his dumpster carrier
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  13. The politically correct term is hood rat.
  14. I'm a slickdealer, I go where the deals take me... and it's looking like T-Mobile. I've actually been to all the carriers over the years.

    @bfun have you heard of/participated in T-Mobile Tuesday? They seem to offer all sorts of free stuff. The $60/mo in Lyft credits caught my eye... that pays for the phone line + profit.
  15. Yeah, they are always giving away lots of $5 to $15 stuff on Tuesdays. I'm sure it really great for some people but after a while, I just kind of forgot about it. I've gotten free Dominos pizzas, free ice cream, free tickets to bad movies, lots of free online movie rentals, free Lyft and Uber rides, free gas. Free is free but it's mostly B-grade stuff that maybe teenagers, broke college students, and city dwellers would get excited about. That also seems to be the demographic that they target in their advertisement so it makes sense.
  16. Thank god for no-contracts. I got the T-Mobile promo 2 months ago and tested it. The service flipped between exceptional or nonexistent. There is no middle ground near me. I was getting blazing fast LTE or nothing. Not even voice.

    Verizon Wireless denied me service:( Gonna see if Sprint will hook me up with a Magic Box.
  17. T-Mobile started their Netflix on Us offer today. My understanding is that they will pay $9.99 towards a Netflix plan. I'm not sure if there is a downside to this yet. If I sign up my theoretical monthly cost for my unlimited data plan will be $35 a line, tax included. That's with Netflix, <2GB kickback, and auto pay discounts. LLC&aam=aam_uuid&invoca=invoca_experience